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Monday 30th June 2014.

Another great Hogweed pic by Ed from last night. (also in Hogweed Heaven) Somewhere in the US a woman had a single Giant Hogweed plant growing in her garden – she didn’t know what it was and let it grow because ‘it looked good’. A special team, in ‘spacesuits’, were called-in to carefully remove the single plant. (See video at Hogweed Heaven Page) What would they, I wonder, send to Radcliffe? A Nuke?
But, hey ho, Balsam will be flowering en masse soon and then Radcliffe’s rural areas will be a wishy-washy shade of pink!

Sunday 29th June 2014.

A late post but Ed just returned from a Nature Trail/Sion Street ride and, while there, took a few great Hogweed pics.
The plants are now fully flowering and literally line the local River Irwell banks right through Radcliffe!
Take care if you’re in such areas!

Wednesday 25th June 2014.

Sunny this morning and swans and cygnets paddled along around Withins. Not to mention mares and foals on the other side…
..meanwhile, at the market porta-cabins: Work at the old indoor market building is proceeding and stall-holders, now outside in the cabins, have had a sneak preview inside the market hall. Apparently new windows will be fitted along both long sides and in the roof. It’ll be much lighter inside (thus saving lecky!) and a new cafe will be ‘installed’. Stalls with new produce will be separate from second-hand stalls.
As I anticipated, sales levels at the Piazza porta-cabins are ‘encouraging’.
It just remains to be seen what Bury deem ‘fair’ rents for stalls. This, at the end of the day, fills stalls or leaves them vacant. Traders, remember, have to compete, in Radcliffe, with the massive ‘Walmart’ conglomerate regardless of a fancy stall or buildings.
Meanwhile, a few items were easily found and bought at yesterdays porta-cabin Piazza stalls.
Much ‘stuff’ is done today via the Internet. It can save folk money. At the moment Radcliffe is without a local ‘Jobcentre’ where folk can sign-on for (various) unemployment benefits. Getting to Bury to sign-on costs around £4.00p by bus. Some will obviously go by car – £costs again. Presently the Bury Jobcentre is being ‘re-vamped’ (more costs) in order to (they say) better serve its ‘customers’. (?)
Why can’t folk sign-on via the Internet?
Many forms related to benefits are already filled-in online – why not let folk sign-on in the same way?

Tuesday 24th June 2014.

A little cooler this morning around Radcliffe and the new Metrolink car-park top-storey had cars upon it today. Folk are still working there but the project seems to be going well. Generally, in Radcliffe, car-parking anywhere is free but, after quite a costly job at the Metro’ site, I did wonder if Metrolink would charge for car-park use at Radcliffe. Not at the moment it seems.
At the Radcliffe Bridge end of the town work still proceeds on the old indoor market hall with market-traders presently occupying porta-cabins placed onto the piazza. Porta-cabin traders deal in new produce rather than second-hand.
Recently (as a result?) I noticed two (really Bury-based) car-boot sales that were very well subscribed (busy!!) and such an event (or two?) in Radcliffe may bring a little trade and indeed revenue to Markets Management offices.
Asda at Radcliffe is, as ever, busy whenever you call, but a spot where the cyclist may leave a bike, in safety, would be a boon. Meanwhile bikers may like to shove their wheels behind the footrail behind the Post-box in the foyer…

Monday 23rd June 2014.

Very warm again this morning and the Radcliffe canal tow-path – from Wellington Street, Bury, was travelled.
In parts the path follows the River Irwell and the banks of that river are now thickly lined with Hogweed, Knotweed and Balsam! In several places they grow together.
Hogweeds – now flowering – reach fifteen feet in height easily. I noted too that in one area the Hogweeds were only a few metre’s away from the canal paths!
Apparently, of late, one of those govern-mental tells us that OAP’s don’t know how to get online/send & get e-mails etc. He could be right. This site (and another!) must write themselves. And get out every morning to take photographs. Without eating into an Old Age Pension – heavens! It’s only back-pocket-change to start with!
Strangely, here things are (have to be!) in very slight Profit in order to continue daily. So, not only am I familiar with things online etc.,my books balance nicely.
Now, which of those govern-mental have ever done that?

Sunday 22nd June 2014.

Very warm this morning but little traffic on the roads so a trip down Radcliffe was on the cards.
It’s quiet of a Sunday but the occasional car can be easily heard a long way off.
A few months ago, when travelling the local Nature Trail, as the motorway bridge is reached, the traffic noise from the ever busy motorway was unbelievable.
It is heard at least a mile from the bridge. At the bridge; going over it, the noise is deafening. But then, after the bridge, the noise slowly dies to a more natural silence.
lately, after years of cars everywhere, the noise from them is taken for granted; not really noticed. Until you spend an hour or two without it!

Saturday 21st June 2014.

A few clouds over the sun this morning, otherwise warm, sunny and dry. On this, the longest day 2014, everything along the Radcliffe canal is high and green.
Looking around though, at much maligned roads, much, if not all of Lancashire’s newly allotted govern-mental £5,000,000.00p for ‘repairing all of the pot-hole damage’, will have to be spent along our street alone!
This sounds good until you realise that in May those govern-mental borrowed upwards of £13,000,000,000.00p to pay their way with! (Up a £billion or so on last May).

Friday 20th June 2014.

The standard Old Age Pension, being in the main a derisory amount, is, it seems, the reason why many A.B. OAP’s carry on working after retirement age. For many being sixty-five doesn’t mean an armchair and a pair of slippers – just yet!
Working full-time for an employer after sixty-five isn’t unusual but some opt to leave such work possibly preferring to lose the daily grind.
Fair enough. For folk of any age a full-time occupation is, well, hard work! But far better in every respect than no work.
For OAP’s that don’t want the full-time grind a bit of self-induced ‘part-time’ may be enough to top-up the meagre official ‘wage’.
Here the self-induced part-time stuff is, in the main, fixing bicycles that have developed faults. From time to time folk bring a bike that doesn’t work and I fix it. For that I get paid by those folk. Simple as that. A small repair means a small financial charge. A large repair a large one.
New bike parts are bought as and when a job requires them and so a car or van, for the work, isn’t needed. Nor is a large stock-room. But a large box full of spanners is handy!
Also handy is an Internet connection.
Strangely, via my Internet connection, I can be contacted from anywhere (Chester for instance! Oh yes!) and asking someone to bring a bike such a distance often prices the work beyond reason. (But it was quite happily done!)
So if any OAP doing or thinking of doing bicycle repairs (usually very simple, basic stuff) would like a link here, get in touch. (Sorry Evans Cycles – it’s £100 a month! )
Often, just fitting an inner-tube (say) for a travelling cyclist, is enough and greatly appreciated.
I keep getting very ‘posh’ looking ‘letters’ from ‘posh’ sounding companies that, for some reason, wish to ‘value’ my house for me. (!?!)
Sadly their ‘value’ of my home will never equate to my value, as I live in the place, so they are wasting their time and money.
And any house-sale would be at my Price and not at their valuation. As with any trade or transaction that I make.
For OAP’s downsizing refers to house size – not bank balance!
Apparently the country is to be ‘given’ £160+ million by the government to repair all the road pot-holes. Lancashire is set to get nearly £5 million. Knock-out wages, H&S costs, pension costs, existing vehicle damage claims etc. and about thirty-quid may go on tarmac…

Thursday 19th June 2014.

For the OAP with a tiny bit of IT knowledge, and a reasonable computer of some sort, the Online Shopping and delivery service(s) now operated by many supermarkets is a boon. IMO it takes away the last reason for need, for OAP’s, of a car and its ever-increasing cost. (Insurance is down a shade but everything else is always of an ‘up’ direction cost-wise).
Without the weekly shopping trips, here, a car would simply sit on the drive, rusting away, at great £ cost. Without it that cost is obviously saved for other things. One or two of those, here, of late, major expenses that have been borne without even more expensive credit of one kind or another. Long-term these have helped upkeep the house and are thus actually investments. They also help local businesses and thus employment for those currently enjoying it in the private-sector.
True we aren’t spending on cars, in that sector, but those working for us do, and they, being younger, possibly with families and mortgages, may need personal transport far more. No problem.
Not to mention that the need to walk, for us, is deemed beneficial by more or less every physician in the country.
And the cost of good Hardware, for an Internet connection of some kind (computer, tablet, laptop) is minor when compared to car costs.
And even I can log-on to a supermarket and book a shopping-list for delivery!