Monthly Archives: August 2014

Sunday 31st August 2014.

Fine and, dare I say it, sunny this morning but there’s still a bit of breeze about. Up at Bury South the steamer was ready for its morning run – today dark-green ‘Sapper’, with the Army arrow on its cab. I was told that Sapper is 44 years old. **(I mis-heard, Sapper was built in 1944 and is thus 70 years old!) Excellent bit of engineering eh?
On the subject of engineering…
For the past couple of weeks our Internet connection has been garbage. It kept going off. Repeated moans to our ISP finally got us a BT Openreach engineer out (yesterday) to take a look.
Result? A new land-line from telegraph-pole to hub and it’s brill. The old line was, the engineer said, ‘rusty and corroded’.
To fit such a line most of us wouldn’t have a clue. But ours was fitted in under an hour with no mess and no disruption.
A very adept and knowledgeable engineer! Well done mate!
It shows you what can be done, in the business sense, with (about) £15 per month from umpteen million people.
You can have a bloody good time and mend a few ‘phone-lines while you’re at it!

Saturday 30th August 2014.

On and off rain this morning but still ‘out and about’ around the town.
Coney Green (Riverside) School is looking unkempt and overgrown lately. Wonder what they’ll do with it now that it’s closed?
The main problem here this morning, and has been for about two weeks now, is a dodgy Internet connection. It just goes off. So it’s hard to post anything anywhere. Engineer, however, is supposed to call today…

Thursday 28th August 2014.

Very warm this morning – especially if you have to walk, shoving a heavy (?) bike, due to a puncture. But, hey ho, the Radcliffe sink-hole has been repaired so folk coming off Ainsy Road don’t just disappear into oblivion.
Had to walk it from Coney and, even early on, it was very warm.

Wednesday 27th August 2014.

Definitely off the beaten track this morning with a pic from last night’s ‘Ride The Lights’ event held, by umpteen cyclists of all types, at Blackpool Prom.
‘Unicycle North-West’ had quite a few one-wheelers there and today’s pic proves it! Some of the one wheeled bikes (unicycles for gawds sake!) are marvels of modern technology, but, after looking at ’em I’ve decided to stick to the Sherman.
Don’t like to ‘name-drop’ but Julian Barrow’s suit was illuminating to say the least!
Meanwhile Radcliffe weather was reasonable this morning and the roads not too clogged.
Internet connection, which has been garbage for the past week or so, is still iffy but does seem to behave after 9.30 of a morning…mind you, our physical landline wire is so old that the nearby telegraph-pole is now fossilized and dated by dendrochronologists…

Sunday 24th August 2014.

Just about a month ago a hole in a Radcliffe road was featured here as a ‘sink-hole’ – well, anywhere else it’s big-time news! As shown in the photo, work, on the nine-inch diameter hole, is progressing and the nearby house hasn’t fallen into it yet. (One in the Pennines, in yesterday’s news, is massive.)
There’s scaffolding too all around the top of the Top ‘o the Cross pub. Hopefully they’re just re-decorating – that’s an important Holts House!
Locally, Church Street West, one of Radcliffe’s main high-street shopping areas, is still closed while they fit a sewer to the town. Apart from four ‘moans’ on facebook, no one seems to have noticed…
Wotched the ‘new’ Doctor Who last night and Peter Capaldi did okay. It’s the plots (a burning, hardly explained, T-Rex last night????) and those ‘hangers-on’ alien ‘friends’ that are clogging the show up. The music main theme is too subdued too.
We’ll see how he gets on when the Daleks and/or the Cybermen arrive!
Sadly I fear that now, Jenna Coleman is rather superfluous.

Friday 22nd August 2014.

Apparently millions (?) of folk will be adorning the motorways and roads in general as August Bank Holiday weekend arrives. Airports will be trendily chaotic. Ferries and tunnel-trains will probably be affected too by the last-bank-holiday-of-the-year fervour.
Ah! It’s good to get away –
from it all!

Thursday 21st August 2014.

Greenery is at its height at the moment which makes the narrow, off-road footpaths all the more interesting.
Despite the threat of rain plenty of folk pass by.
Around the country, places like this are being ‘tidied-up’ and ‘modernised’ into recreation areas for walkers, cyclists and indeed barge owners. Meanwhile, locally, they leave all that to nature.

Wednesday 20th August 2014.

Down among the Balsam this morning and, nearby, Japanese Knotweed is resplendent! But the old favourites are fighting back as red berries line the canal-side just outside Bury.
At the other end of The Bolton and Bury Canal, through Radcliffe to Little Lever, (Bolton) volunteers have (again?) cleared the weeds from the locks. A visit is on the cards but I’m told the tow-path, along there, is like a jungle. We’ll see.