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Wednesday 29th October 2014.

Sunny and windless this morning but very cold outdoors. Very few cars about too as school-holidays continue.
Crossing the River Irwell at Bury, while taking a photo’ looking toward Radcliffe, gives picture one this morning.
Sadly, just turning around and photographing the view towards Bury gives an entirely different view for picture two!
Watched the first episode of a new eight-parter – The Missing – on bbc TV last night. The serial blurb describes it (safely!) as a ‘Drama’.

Monday 27th October 2014.

Unusually quiet this morning on the roads which was, for a few minutes, puzzling. Then, in the strange urban silence, you realise that it’s half-term (or something like that) and thus many folk are still happily a-bed. Travelling empty roads at around nine a.m., you realise just how much ‘education’ is costing us – by its absence!
Read that HS3, yes HS3, is on the cards to run from (I think, but the diagrams were iffy) somewhere around Liverpool to somewhere around Leeds (?). The more or less straight-line that ‘planners’ have drawn across the country to represent the HS3 route crosses the two north/south lines for HS2. Now when I had a wind-up train-set crossing lines meant a crash! I also read that electricity supply providers were trying to estimate usage over the coming winter in case we need to cut power at some time, because, well, there won’t be any power.
So, having only a pre-car-drive-to-school-every-morning education to guide me, I nevertheless contend that building any electric train system without any electric to drive it, won’t result in a particularly fast one (as in High Speed 3?). But, as to ‘pulling a fast one’, well…
The second picture today is of what’s left of another, older, rail route, as it slowly reverts back to nature…
The third picture is of a locomotive that travels very much under its own steam!
Ah! The sheer thrill of yesterday’s engines!
Literally! And it looked and ran perfectly!

Saturday 25th October 2014.

Drizzly rain this morning around Radcliffe but it cleared later. Being Saturday the roads were not heavily trafficked.
Watched Lewis new Part One last night and, on catch-up, Sleepy Hollow, which, strangely, did tend to induce sleep! The problem with ongoing saga’s like this is that they drag them out so slowly and it does spoil a good yarn. The high-spot of this (potentially great?) story was, in an early episode, Johnny Cash’s intro’ to his song The Man Comes Around. It must have cost ’em because it’s not been played since!
Just read, in MSM, that folks with Japanese Knotweed or Giant Hogweed growing on their properties could be fined £2,500.00p – businesses up to £25,000.00p! Mmmm…who owns The River Irwell I wonder?

Friday 24th October 2014.

Radcliffe Market – at the moment a collection of porta-cabins on the Piazza – may very soon be back indoors. As forecast a huge stall-rent increase faces Traders, by direct-debit too rumour pervades – is the Market Rent-Boy a thing of the past? (Stall rent, according to online Bury web-pages, is from £11.50p per day. Surely it’s time they got that updated! The new stall-rent will be £15.00 per day with some ‘new’ restrictions on types of goods sold per stall.)
The large furniture store, along Blackburn Street, is, apparently, closing-down too. Trade in the town-centre isn’t what it used to be. But at least the old Market Hall has been given a much needed re-vamp – it used to be an oven in summer but a ‘fridge in winter – let’s hope it can keep going…going…going…go…

Tuesday 21st October 2014.

Was expecting some tasty weather from Gonzalo around Radcliffe this morning and, at Warth, there was ‘high-water’ at the weir; the Archimedes Screw was churning nicely; the islands near the newly-painted Monkey Bridge were submerged. A bit of a breeze too, so there were waves on Elton Reservoir but I think the wind-farm turbines were turned-off. (?)
Bracing breezes along the canal so horses gave you the hump as you passed!
A pretty average north of England spat of weather then.
Mind you it’s an ill wind…
…a council in Wales have, it transpires, opted for three-weekly bin-collections to save a fortune every month. Bury Council, also doing this were the first to do so. Wheelie-bins being thus pretty full most of the time around here does mean, that at times of strong winds, they don’t blow over.
Watched the final (?) episode of New Tricks series last night. These are still watch-able but are now very soapy with more time spent on personal issues than on solving crime. The tall one from Only Fools etc. – is a cool one though. And the little Scottish one was great in Star Wars. The cockney one carries-on regardless and the woman does grow on you a bit. Even their ice-cold boss was out for a pint with them last night.

Sunday 19th October 2014.

Autumn leaves were falling fast in the wind this morning. Not cold though.
Got another ‘Please don’t leave’ letter from our old energy supplier; that’s at least half a dozen in the past week or two – some several glossy pages long. And I thought our monthly payments were for energy. Silly me!
Talking of energy; I’ve just read that tax-payer subsidies for those grotesque solar-panel sites (there are areas equivalent to 10,000 football pitches ear-marked for this) will be ended. Farmers must go back to growing food. (I’ve a booklet out on growing spuds if there’s a problem chaps! It’s an ill wind that blows…)
Saw a great, great sight this morning up at Bury South. It was a goods train. Being a totally out-of-place-artefact in the UK at the moment I’ve placed pics elsewhere.

Saturday, 18th October 2014.

They said it would be warm at weekend and to be honest it’s not really cold but hardly sunny. So, an old pic of the canal bridge at Withins taken when it was, for Radcliffe, quite sunny.
Energy is big in the news lately and the price of it is still one calculated in such a way as to be ridiculous. Our first ‘new’ payment amount was nearly double the old payment and just about 80% (slightly more I think) of my total pension (yes it was!) so we complained. The next ‘new’ amount was £150 per month less than the first ‘new’ payment amount so there’s quite a bit of ‘leeway’ allowed-for in those potty price calculations. We opted to change supplier and, as a result, received a ‘black’ style letter threatening us with legal action if bills weren’t paid. (We do not owe any arrears, missed payments etc. and all letters kept.) New supplier has sent us ‘new’ payment details which are less than half (way less!) of the first ‘new’ payment amount. Such is ‘energy’ in the UK at the moment.
Interesting to read that the 80 acre (?) castle estate bought by Harry Potter scribe J.K. Rowling cost her a trifling £1.8 million, yet run-of-the-mill terraced stuff in London, with hardly enough land for the umpteen wheelie-bins we apparently now need, is up for sale and indeed selling for tens of millions of pounds. Mind you, who wants to Hoover a frigging castle!?
With today’s energy prices!
Been watching a USA TV series called The Strain. It’s sort of zombies that are vampires kind of thing but the ‘Van Helsing’ style character in it (played by the Filch actor from Harry Potter films – David Bradley – it’s all in the initials folks!) is pretty good. It’s probably one of those never-ending sagas that USA film-makers like because of regular pay-checks, but is low on the dreary ‘soapy’ stuff that spoils many a good tale.
Similar in style is the Icabod Crane, Sleepy Hollow, USA TV series. Both have totally over-the-top sci-fi plots with regular ‘horror’ scenes, but at least, unlike UK’s current Lewis police saga, you don’t fall asleep!
Well…most of the time…

Thursday 16th October 2014.

Not a good morning for photography unless you like pictures of drizzle. So an older pic of The Civic Hall taken on that day the sun was shining.
It’s been a great year for photographing the dangerous, invasive, house-value shattering plants that thrive locally but now that they’re all dying-back (until next year I hope!) pics of them have been ‘edited’ out – still have them if anybody needs a dodgy-plant photo. Biggest Giant Hogweed this year was definitely the one growing in the north end of the old canal aqueduct at (I think) Drinkwater Park. The stem was four inches or more diameter! One for David Attenborough!
Watched a UK TV cop-show – Scott & Bailey – last night and well, it’s just another soap-opera. Actual crime solving was virtually nil yet when they were doing the ‘solving’, the room, at GMP Failsworth, was positively heaving with bods – they crammed ’em in – all supposedly doing, well, something, in order to catch a couple of killers. Most of programme is about private lives and internal hierarchy power-struggles. Great if you like that sort of thing but very old-hat on TV. Lots of ciggies smoked, alcohol drank and flash new cars…public-sector eh?
Actors are okay but desperately need originality. I watch it occasionally because it’s filmed around our area – once at old East Lancs Mill site.
US TV cop-show – Gotham – based on comic characters, is far more watch-able.

Sunday 12th October 2014.

A touch misty this morning with a nip to the air but okay if you keep on the move.
Watched a TV thing last week – Grantchester – it’s all about detection on bikes and ye olde oak and elm England as it was in the fifties. Apparently there’s another, similar prog currently being canned featuring the Tommy and Tuppence stories, again detection on bikes. (One, pictured in MSM today, looks like an old Rudge, but hey, an old bike is an old bike eh?)
They’ve resurrected Lewis too – with Hathaway as the new, intellectual ‘Morse’ character and a female ‘sergeant’. Lewis is there of course, acting as teacher, and I’m sure an old bike crops up in it!
The past week has seen, I hear, a little political upheaval, but I prefer to keep all that on the back-burner and not overly show any political bias. Nice colour around the header pic though isn’t it? The subject of that pic is of course Radcliffe Wharf and its oaks, elms, willows and hawthorns around old canal cobbles. (Wot? No bike?)

Wednesday 8th October 2014.

A long range weather forecast, in one of the national rags, says we’re in for snow until about February. Okay. But a fine sunny one this morning with a nip in the air and, in one or two spots, a touch of late low-lying mist.
Traffic to Town Hall, from all ends, was chronic at R.H. so opted for a peaceful Banana then a quieter Bury Road.
From Bury Hinds Lane is muddy and puddled. Take care.