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Saturday 29th November 2014.

For as long as I can remember the little short-cut on the corner of (is it Knoll Street?) has saved folk walking twenty extra paces going down or up the slight hill. Dug by countless trudging feet into once neat council grass and soil, the short-cut eventually ended-up like a ravine across the lawned corner. Well, they’ve flagged it. Bury have bought flags and a bit of top-soil to fill the trench in and flagged it. Watch-out for higher rates-bills as a result!!
This morning workmen were hard-hat-it (get it? Clever eh?) erecting ‘new’ lamp-posts along Ainsworth Road. Perhaps these are for the ‘new’ LED (?) or whatever cheapo to run ultra-bright lights that they’ve been ‘testing’ locally I believe. Mind you, so far just the lamp-posts were being erected. The actual lights may be an ‘optional-extra’!?

Thursday, 27th November 2014.

I read, at another ‘blog-‘site’ this morning, of the possible cost of HS2; its use and possible alternatives. One problem is that the route is a passenger one as opposed to a freight one. Freight, taken off our beleaguered and crumbling road system, is always good. HS2 price-tags varying from £50,000,000,000,00p to over £100,000,000,000.00p would, some say, be far better spent (even in part) on a better freight rail system. It does sound the more common-sense way-forward too. Meanwhile, I thought earlier looking down from the canal bridge pictured, there’s a system that, even without modern things like diesel or electric engines, once easily shifted thousands of tons of freight of the bulkiest kind all over the place and, for a modest few £million, could easily do so again. No? Well, if they can resurrect Jurassic Park and its Dinosaurs yet again, dredging a few canals and knocking-out a few barges should be easy-peasy! All it needs is a Hammond …
… and in our local disused-for-years freight waterway they might even find a real Jurassic Park inhabitant lurking!

Wednesday, 26th November 2014.

I read recently that the powers that be are looking at electricity pylons with a view to demolishing some of them, and burying cables, to improve the view. Only a few yards from the old foot-bridge pictured is a massive pylon. This morning it was surrounded by male and female ‘suits’ who were giving the structure some serious eye-balling. The cables so suspended more or less follow The River Irwell here and they do tend to mar the view … with several pylons nearby. Today the suits had clear access to the pylon. But in summer don’t forget the space-suits; the whole area is covered in Giant Hogweed!

Monday, 24th November 2014.

The first (white) frost we’ve had so far this year so it was wintry around the Radcliffe lanes and canal tow-path. Wind-turbines gleamed in the sun over the hills and stark Giant Hogweed skeletons line leafless Irwell banks at Warth.
Bleak sun over Elton Reservoir as winter really sets in.
Strangely Elton’s water was packed, at the Bury end, with gulls. The sun just about thawed early frost around the busy footpaths.

Thursday, 20th November 2014.

Cold but fine this morning and as a bus (pass) user things public-transport always interest. For instance a new ‘Bio-Bus’ that uses gas from human and food waste is on the road from Bath to Bristol. Emissions are lower than from Diesel and there’s no shortage of fuel! The bus travels 300km on one tankful of bio-gas. Mmmm … so, how much will we all be getting paid to provide the raw-material for the gas? £0? Thought so. Ah well …
A Radio presenter has been told-off by police for riding a bike through a public park at over the park speed-limit of 5mph. Local canal tow-path cyclists are advised to check on speed-limits as I think there too 5mph is tops. The problem is bike-balancing, at 5mph isn’t easy – many might fall off. (For some geriatric cyclists 5mph is a goal not a limit! Beyond that they’ll be manufacturing modern bus – fuels!)

Wednesday, 19th November 2014.

Heavy traffic is the norm around the Town Hall at rush-hours but last night, apparently, the M62 was closed. This was expected to create chaos this morning around Whitefield, Radcliffe and Prestwich. Don’t know if it did or not – stayed away!
A slight breeze too this morning, so the wind-farm turbines over Bury were still – none turning. That’s none turning, not one.

Thursday, 13th November 2014.

Cold and windy outdoors but a short trip out done this morning. (Pic is from October along Radcliffe Canal)
Quite strong anti-b’s being taken so strange feeling. ‘Minor Op” Dept. at Doctors yesterday okay.
ooh! Digger outside in street digging-up ‘bad’ bits of road tarmac – pot-hole repairs? Maybe! Mmmm, this is novel in Radcliffe!
Interestingly, in the MSM there is quite a bit of ‘news’ about an archaeological dig somewhere that may be opening-up Alexander The Great’s tomb. (I said may be – it is disputed obviously) The tomb could be his or that of a relative of his.
So, being presented with a new fictional book about a team of ‘Hunters’ searching for the tomb, is rather topical!
The book : The Forbidden Tomb by Chris Kuzneski – is, so far, a good read and easy to read. It has elements of Lee Childs, Dan Brown in the writing style and the characters are military style with a touch of archaeologist.

Tuesday, 11th November 2014.

Windy and cold this morning and a minor medical problem prevents going out.
But, on the fun side of things, I’ve just read that those govern-mental are to demolish several electricity pylons that currently blight our countryside. Electricity cable will be instead buried.
This is fine but the bill will be £7,000,000.00p per pylon!
There are one or two such pylons in our area and I suggest some of those, if they are deemed to be moved, are moved in winter. In the summer months the base of some of our Irwell banks pylons are within fifteen foot deep extensive Giant Hogweed forests! Space-suits are needed and £7,000,000.00p a pylon will be conservative!
Watched the final Grantchester last night. Nuff said.