Thursday, 13th November 2014.

Cold and windy outdoors but a short trip out done this morning. (Pic is from October along Radcliffe Canal)
Quite strong anti-b’s being taken so strange feeling. ‘Minor Op” Dept. at Doctors yesterday okay.
ooh! Digger outside in street digging-up ‘bad’ bits of road tarmac – pot-hole repairs? Maybe! Mmmm, this is novel in Radcliffe!
Interestingly, in the MSM there is quite a bit of ‘news’ about an archaeological dig somewhere that may be opening-up Alexander The Great’s tomb. (I said may be – it is disputed obviously) The tomb could be his or that of a relative of his.
So, being presented with a new fictional book about a team of ‘Hunters’ searching for the tomb, is rather topical!
The book : The Forbidden Tomb by Chris Kuzneski – is, so far, a good read and easy to read. It has elements of Lee Childs, Dan Brown in the writing style and the characters are military style with a touch of archaeologist.

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