Thursday, 20th November 2014.

Cold but fine this morning and as a bus (pass) user things public-transport always interest. For instance a new ‘Bio-Bus’ that uses gas from human and food waste is on the road from Bath to Bristol. Emissions are lower than from Diesel and there’s no shortage of fuel! The bus travels 300km on one tankful of bio-gas. Mmmm … so, how much will we all be getting paid to provide the raw-material for the gas? £0? Thought so. Ah well …
A Radio presenter has been told-off by police for riding a bike through a public park at over the park speed-limit of 5mph. Local canal tow-path cyclists are advised to check on speed-limits as I think there too 5mph is tops. The problem is bike-balancing, at 5mph isn’t easy – many might fall off. (For some geriatric cyclists 5mph is a goal not a limit! Beyond that they’ll be manufacturing modern bus – fuels!)

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