Thursday, 27th November 2014.

I read, at another ‘blog-‘site’ this morning, of the possible cost of HS2; its use and possible alternatives. One problem is that the route is a passenger one as opposed to a freight one. Freight, taken off our beleaguered and crumbling road system, is always good. HS2 price-tags varying from ¬£50,000,000,000,00p to over ¬£100,000,000,000.00p would, some say, be far better spent (even in part) on a better freight rail system. It does sound the more common-sense way-forward too. Meanwhile, I thought earlier looking down from the canal bridge pictured, there’s a system that, even without modern things like diesel or electric engines, once easily shifted thousands of tons of freight of the bulkiest kind all over the place and, for a modest few ¬£million, could easily do so again. No? Well, if they can resurrect Jurassic Park and its Dinosaurs yet again, dredging a few canals and knocking-out a few barges should be easy-peasy! All it needs is a Hammond …
… and in our local disused-for-years freight waterway they might even find a real Jurassic Park inhabitant lurking!

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