Saturday 29th November 2014.

For as long as I can remember the little short-cut on the corner of (is it Knoll Street?) has saved folk walking twenty extra paces going down or up the slight hill. Dug by countless trudging feet into once neat council grass and soil, the short-cut eventually ended-up like a ravine across the lawned corner. Well, they’ve flagged it. Bury have bought flags and a bit of top-soil to fill the trench in and flagged it. Watch-out for higher rates-bills as a result!!
This morning workmen were hard-hat-it (get it? Clever eh?) erecting ‘new’ lamp-posts along Ainsworth Road. Perhaps these are for the ‘new’ LED (?) or whatever cheapo to run ultra-bright lights that they’ve been ‘testing’ locally I believe. Mind you, so far just the lamp-posts were being erected. The actual lights may be an ‘optional-extra’!?

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