Monthly Archives: November 2014

Monday, 3rd November 2014.

Cold this morning but at least rain-free. Picture was taken a week or two ago and is of the ‘road-up’ along Church Street West.
Traffic was back to its well-jammed normal as schools re-opened around the district and pupils in secondary education made the now routine exodus out of Radcliffe and clogged-up, among other places, Bury. The ‘short-cut’, horrendously-surfaced, single-file lane leading to or from St. Gab’s was chocka with 4WD’s – probably the only vehicle-type recommended for travelling this quarter-mile of off-road style road which crosses the railway lines just south of Bury South.
Watched, for a few minutes last night, part of a Downton Abbey episode. Natch I couldn’t make head nor tail of it but the homely scenes – where tweedily-suited men and flat-chested women walked up and down vast stair-cases and endless corridors, ate nosh served by pre-dole-queue peasants at a banquet-sized table surrounded by half of the then country’s population – were testament to what a pound or two could actually buy a few tens of years ago before central-heating fuel costs emptied wallets.
Despite corridor and room sizes, there wasn’t a 4WD in sight!