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Monday 29th December 2014.

Freezing fog this morning and so very few ventured out and about.
Especially in the areas away from civilization!
But it was okay, if a bit spooky by the canal.
Visibility was about fifty to a hundred yards – less by the farm-lanes – so the new street-lamps will have to work hard when they’re eventually working.
On Thursday 1st January 2015 the new eu vat diktats come into force. It’ll mean a 20% hike in digital prices for things bought and sold on the ‘net. Web-space may be affected if it isn’t already. But, again, it’s not the money with suppliers, it’s the sheer nit-picking hassle of registering with hmrc vat squads in the UK, then registering with vatmess as well. You may not need to actually pay anything, if under the UK £81,000.00p vat threshold, but you will have to arse about every three-months with online £nil vat returns forms and keep records of customers. Folk selling directly off their web-site will be liable. Amazon & E-bay sellers may not – it’s all a bit of a grey area as yet with varying info’ on varying websites. (Quite like the fog in today’s pictures!)
And so many augmenting the lowest Old Age Pensions in the eu – ours in the UK – will be shutting-up shop if the hassles aren’t worth the (in many cases tiny) £ rewards.
The vat malarkey is simply to align the various eu countries with a 20% vat tax which may prevent a few large companies registering in (say) Luxemburg and paying only 3% vat. There is another option that would save the eu, in general, a fortune, help every business big or small, and give every customer worldwide a huge financial boost –
– no vat at all.
But you never hear that mentioned do you?

Sunday, 28th December 2014.

Very bright and white frost this morning which is just thawing under the sun. The picture, taken earlier this month, is of one of the new local lamp-posts, which are huge. (No actual lights fitted just yet?!?) Strangely, I read this morning in the MSM that many (other) councils are simply turning-off much street-lighting to save brass. Also, apparently, councils are pulling £4,000,000,00p a day from parking fines/charges etc. Yet they all plead poverty – I mean, where’s it a££ actually going?
Prince Charles (he’s actually in my age-group!) is to take over the running of (is it) Sandringham Estate, which is really a big farm, from his dad Philip who is 93 (!?) Mmmm … I will get the spud-patch dug-over when the weather eases!

Saturday, 27th December 2014.

Dull and overcast weather with a touch of sleety snow last night. Icy roads this morning and so stretched and ruptured old joints were avoided by staying in!
Several family generations called yesterday – some bearing gifts – one, after consuming a full oven-tin of local delicacy – Breast O’Lamb – last week, complained of a ‘funny’ stomach and ‘can’t eat anything’ malignity!
Another caller brought a ‘Book of Puzzles’ of the Sherlock Holmes style. Mmmm – still on Page One with that one!
Nationally, I read, yesterday folk blew over £400,000.00p a minute buying stuff. Me mate with a stall in Radcliffe Market must be ro££ing in it this morning!

Wednesday, 24th December 2014.

Wasn’t going to bother it being Christmas Eve but …
As of January 1st 2015 the vat rip-off on UK businesses will be extended by eu diktat to include digital services and ‘products’. This means, amongst other things, e-books.
To be fair, as a business no matter how big or small, tax of any kind should be uniform. No problem here with that. With the vat tax there is, for UK business, a threshold of about £80,000.00p turnover below which a business need not register for vat payments fully. No problem. Presently vat is 20%. No problem.
So why this post?
From January 1st 2015 sellers (by whatever means, private web-site, or platform such as Amazon) will have to register for ‘vatmoss’ (locally, 🙂 vatmess 🙂 ) in order for euro sales of books to comply with eu 20% vat imposition – on digi products. To register for vatmess you have to first register for UK vat – regardless of the £80,000.00p threshold!! – now that, for many, many micro businesses will be an immediate shut-off! It means keeping detailed records of customer info’ which, in itself, requires hours of compilation and upkeep (and possibly some kind of ‘licence’?) – and quarterly log-ins to record (with vatmess) vat liable income. Records must be kept for 10 years. All for the online sale of a 99p e-book. Will it, thousands of part-time authors/businesses ask, be worth it?
Short answer? No. Benefits are far less hassle!
The problem here is not particularly the money – which buyers will have to pay – but the disregard for the present £80,000.00p vat registration threshold – which will apply to all and any sales/services, made by so registering small businesses, and not just online stuff!
Again, the future is purple!
** Just checked at gov ‘site and so long as ‘goods’ are not sold from own website and only by ‘platforms’ no need to register – but a close one eh? Must keep an eye on all this though as ‘fines’ are huge regarding tax/vat ‘evasion’. **

Saturday 20th December 2014.

Wet and windy this morning and thus ideal conditions for getting out and about. Not surprisingly there’s plenty of water in and around the canal – which had waves on its surface this morning!
Upon returning a read at the MSM brought-up a smile or two for OAP’s.
That Esther McVey has said that the number of over fifty-fives not working is a waste of a resource.
Mmmm, I smell a ‘slavery’ flavoured ‘job-scheme’ on the cards! A bit of negative propo in the MSM, to outlaw the over fifty-fives as ‘lazy old buggers’, and bingo! Ten million cheapo workers – for the state? Well, the NHS is up shit-creek again.
And the proposed tunnel to speed traffic near Stonehenge will cost (first estimate – final will be at least double!) £1,000,000,000,00p. But archaeo’s are already quibling that a tunnel will obliterate even older archaeology! Putting all this together the canny OAP realises that ten million cheapo OAP tunnel-diggers would save Miss McVey & Co a bundle! On no account volunteer!

Friday, 19th December 2014.

Wet and windy this morning and water-levels along River Irwell are well up. Pictures were taken from footbridge next to Wellington Street Viaduct. It was raining/hailing at the time. River surface was only a few feet – maybe five or six – from bridge base!
Another beeb TV ‘saga’ ended last night with a miserable ‘cop-out’ ending after weeks of dragged-out ‘drama’. Watching a few beeb drama’s has been enlightening; in future I’ll be far more picky! For me, the old Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes series (on ITV note!) was brilliant. Poirot too, with David Suchet. Strangely they were written donkeys years ago but even now still amaze and amuse readers/watchers. One wonders why? Another mystery perhaps?

Wednesday, 17th December 2014.

An old pic this morning as, for past couple of days, I haven’t taken any pics! The weather was partially to blame – it’s wet and windy right now and might pour down at any minute.
I’ve actually been watching TV. I’m not impressed. It’s much more interesting doing something productive – however trivial!
Watched the final The Missing. See Page.

Sunday, 14th December 2014.

I’d heard that Derby High (Bury) had been demolished; the land being levelled for the building of houses. So I took a pic this morning. What is it with schools? Are they shifting all of them?
But Derby High building looked okay to me this morning, which was a bit damp but not cold.
Read with interest about the OAP’s renting-out their drive for £4.50 per day. That’s per car I imagine … mmm … is this the way forward … ?
Just to confuse things I took picture two this morning as well.