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Saturday 31st January 2015.

Much of the ice has gone and so getting about is far easier. Not too cold either but there are already warnings about iffy weather to come.
Some good views – actually across low-lying Radcliffe and then of a distant Holcombe Hill (Heracles Hill) and its Peel Tower – but where are the views seen from? (The tower doesn’t show in my photo’s – too far away)
The third pic has the windfarm on it but, again, too far away for that camera.
Top pic is of a large crane thingy up at Church Street where they’re shoving some kind of sewer in. Northerly wind this morning and snow on the freezing hills so they could have filmed Fortitude at Radcliffe and saved a £bundle on travelling costs! Saw a bit more of it last night but still very much in the dark. Doctor Who is dead and didn’t see Dumbledore.
UPDATE: Initial post Sat. 24th January.
Car Wheel-Nut count is now six (6) with another spotted today near Bury – couldn’t retrieve it because of traffic. So seven (7) vehicles are potentially knocking (?) about short of wheel-nuts. Check yours now eh?

Friday 30th January 2015.

Last nights touch of snow and sleet is thawing in the sunlight – picture from earlier in the month. It’s not really cold either and the wind is reasonable. For geriatrics though a bike may not be quite the thing as yet. Safer on two feet or, even better, online ordering and Home Delivery!
In order to escape the (very modest) Arctic-style weather we’re getting staying in, of a night, and watching TV is fine. Last night, on Sky, Fortitude … mmm, so much for the escaping of wintry weather – as this saga is set on Iceland! The first dollop of this snow-laden epic was tedious and quite mumbled by many of the cast, so the story-line, as yet, is unclear. But ex-Doctor Who and ex-Dumbledore and the alchy copper got the dysfunctionality off to a sluggish start, for this two hour episode, (yikes!) quite well. Plenty of ‘soap’ scenes clogged it all up so it was like Emmerdale with frost as far as I could see.
But, it’s early days yet, this could turn-out interesting as time goes on – lots of time – there are eleven episodes!

Tuesday 27th January 2015.

Dull, damp and overcast this morning but not really cold. Not bad for getting out and about locally.
Bus passes, winter fuel allowance, TV licences (for over 75’s) again in the news but apparently such investment-returns will be honoured by those presently govern-mental after the next election. (Or so we’re told)(Best not to overly rely on it though – perhaps – just in case – well, you never know!)
There is too, in the news today (nearly every day!) articles about I.B.S. – Irritable Bowel Syndrome – which affects (I read) loads of people (?). Symptoms of this can be stomach bloating, wind, stomach cramps, and many other stomach-related ‘pains’. I did suffer (at times alarmingly) with stomach bloating and tried several remedial ideas – even visited local G.P. But the really bad symptoms have phased-out after a) Giving-up a car b) Giving-up ordinary bread and c) Getting out and about a bit. Item b refers to gluten which is in most ordinary bakery products – and, if ordinary bread is phased-out, these must be phased-out too. Or drastically cut-back at least. Results? After say two years hardly any major stomach-pains and symptoms. But initial benefits occurred almost right away with item b (bread) abstinence. There are breads that are gluten-free – a penny or two more expensive but you eat far less anyway. In the MSM reports I.B.S. seems to affect even younger people and I suspect lack of general exercise here is perhaps to blame – if only partly. At one time, not long ago, ‘work’ for many of us was heavy manual and every day we got an eight, twelve, or, on occasion, a sixteen-hour workout in a mill or factory. (Then another workout in a local pub!) The mills and factories have gone and the pubs now serve food – then we drive home to our armchairs and watch Tv …

Monday 26th January 2015.

Fine and dry this morning and ice-free. So back to normal. Picture was taken August last year. There were a couple of ‘road-ups’ this morning – Bury Road and Bury & Bolton Road affected. Bury Road badly jammed around Manchester Road junction – it’ll die-off after the rush but it held-up the flow badly earlier.
There’s a little snippet in the MSM about the new tax threshold from next April – £10,600 – I think it will be. OAP’s can pull a couple of grand or so then before getting hit. There’ll be a modest pension ‘rise’ about then too.
A couple of days ago a picture was posted of found car wheel nuts. Another was found today …

Saturday 24th January 2015.

Quite fine and sunny this morning but two wheels given a miss in case of unseen ice. Two feet, for a couple of miles, used instead.
While out and about, particularly on two wheels, bits of metal close to kerbs are a nightmare. If touched by a spinning tyre they can fly all over the place. Sometimes I get off and shift such objects and four are pictured today. Sadly they’re all motor-car wheel-nuts and are all different – probably from four different cars. Which mean at least four cars are running about minus at least one wheel-nut!
Watched the second episode of ‘Ascension’ – about an old 1960’s ‘space-ship’. It’s just that bit different from the usual tv stuff. It’s a three episode saga and I hope it’s not ‘soapified’ and dragged-out for ever like eg ‘Lost’.

Thursday 22nd January 2015.

I’ve not been out and about as yet as its dull, overcast, rainy and freezing outside. There is a laugh or two in the ‘news’ this morning as a (very) few OAP’s have had probbies logging-on to and ‘buying’ their Pensioner Bonds. One poor old soul reported that when trying to get (his hands on) £20,000.00p of bonds each, for himself and his wife, the website actually ‘robbed’ him of £60,000.00p! I mean – shock bloody horror! (All this is to pull about £800.00p over 3 years I think. Ah, the poor dears!)
Meself I’d love to ‘invest’ and ‘earn’ at such rates,(yeah right!) but sadly, as you can see, the money-pot isn’t quite so full for many of us!
There’s some good news about too – soon plain-packaging will be used for tobacco products, and, more importantly for some of us, the ban on smoking in private cars will soon be upon us.
Ergo: Bike sales will sky-rocket! (See, 4% over three years is, as already hinted, ultra-modest!)

Wednesday 21st January 2015.

Sleety snow for most of the day which made taking pictures, in bad light, difficult.
Watched a TV programme last night called, ‘Ascension’, mmm, something a little different! It’s in three episodes and is about a twentieth-century secret space voyage to a new planet for a few earthlings … but there is a brill ‘twist’.
I’d read that Windows 10 was out today … ? Heard nothing more as yet.
Politicians from the wannabe ranks were on about some kind of mansion-tax and, they purported, how many new NHS workers – e.g. Nurses – such a tax would fund.
Meself I’d be more interested in how many nhs workers would have to pay it!