Saturday 24th January 2015.

Quite fine and sunny this morning but two wheels given a miss in case of unseen ice. Two feet, for a couple of miles, used instead.
While out and about, particularly on two wheels, bits of metal close to kerbs are a nightmare. If touched by a spinning tyre they can fly all over the place. Sometimes I get off and shift such objects and four are pictured today. Sadly they’re all motor-car wheel-nuts and are all different – probably from four different cars. Which mean at least four cars are running about minus at least one wheel-nut!
Watched the second episode of ‘Ascension’ – about an old 1960’s ‘space-ship’. It’s just that bit different from the usual tv stuff. It’s a three episode saga and I hope it’s not ‘soapified’ and dragged-out for ever like eg ‘Lost’.

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