Saturday 31st January 2015.

Much of the ice has gone and so getting about is far easier. Not too cold either but there are already warnings about iffy weather to come.
Some good views – actually across low-lying Radcliffe and then of a distant Holcombe Hill (Heracles Hill) and its Peel Tower – but where are the views seen from? (The tower doesn’t show in my photo’s – too far away)
The third pic has the windfarm on it but, again, too far away for that camera.
Top pic is of a large crane thingy up at Church Street where they’re shoving some kind of sewer in. Northerly wind this morning and snow on the freezing hills so they could have filmed Fortitude at Radcliffe and saved a ¬£bundle on travelling costs! Saw a bit more of it last night but still very much in the dark. Doctor Who is dead and didn’t see Dumbledore.
UPDATE: Initial post Sat. 24th January.
Car Wheel-Nut count is now six (6) with another spotted today near Bury – couldn’t retrieve it because of traffic. So seven (7) vehicles are potentially knocking (?) about short of wheel-nuts. Check yours now eh?

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