Monthly Archives: February 2015

Sunday 22nd February 2015.

A mixed, cold, windy bag of weather last week but today milder if dull.
Off the beaten track greenery is winter-dead – but spring won’t be far away.
On the ‘fun’ front we’re told that it now costs £11,200.00p per year to be a pensioner! Of course that’s a ‘minimum’ figure. (£13,000.00p dahn sarf) This does explain the basic financial problem that many of us have: getting only £5,000.00p to £6,000.00p per annum it does mean that gassing-up the ocean-going yacht is a no-go area!

Sunday 15th February 2015.

M.P.’s are after making OAP ‘chariot’ drivers take tests etc. as there have been several (fatal and otherwise) accidents involving the electric invalid carriages within a few days. Fine. But there were several fatalities in one motorway car RTA last week and it’s hoped that the drivers were fully ‘tested’ and legal. Just having a licence doesn’t necessarily mean ‘no accidents’!
Butter – the real thing – is excellent on toasted crumpets and it’s no longer reckoned to be ‘harmful’ after old reports outlawed the stuff, on health-grounds, years ago. The stuff flogged-off ‘in butter’s place’ was (IMO) tasteless muck – even when they ‘blended it with butter’ (yeah, right!). It just makes you wonder what else has been falsely ‘outlawed’ … fags? booze? … (well, you never know …)
Tax avoidance features heavily in the news over the past week. This isn’t illegal and the best way to get onto this lucrative bandwagon is not to smoke, drink, drive a car or watch telly. For really serious ‘avoiders’ giving up ‘work’ also works wonders!
Weather-wise the past week has been mild and right now it’s almost sunny and getting out and about not a problem today. Found wheel-nut count is now – hang-on – seven (7) so check your car-wheels now and then!
On TV several cop-shows are now soap saga’s – Crisis, Murder in the first, Grimm, they’re not bad and do help with the insomnia! Last night a film was on and in it Clint Eastwood was young – well, they’ve got to milk ’em lately …

Tuesday 10th February 2015.

Not as misty, this morning, as the picture, which was taken a day or two ago at Radcliffe Wharf.
Today, it’s revealed, they say Butter – that fatty yellow stuff popular in the fifties (?) – isn’t bad for you.
And, as the price of oil made bearing grease (petroleum-based) expensive, new lubricating materials have been introduced – one is Lithium. You can get small tubes of Lithium (based) grease for lubricating bearings on say, cars and bikes. It works – to an extent – but (as ever!) the old stuff was seemingly best. Well now, some bright-spark scientists in Scotland are thinking of adding Lithium to drinking-water …
(That should get the old joints moving eh?)

Saturday 7th February 2015.

Mild and rainless this morning without any ice. Okay for a foray into local trees … around a river valley.
Was harassed by several telephone-calls a few weeks ago that were from our Doctors and offering ‘The Flu Jab’. I don’t really mind this but I always think that if I’m not ill why take any ‘drugs’ – Statins are another bone of contention. So I declined the flu jab.
After over half a century of getting umpteen strains of colds and flu I think I have some sort of ‘resistance’ and I haven’t had flu so far this winter.
Today, in the MSM, we’re told that the present jab will (probably) only help 3% of recipients because of flu ‘mutations’ – it might help 0%. But hey ho, why worry, it’s ‘free’ isn’t it? And the nhs can afford it – can’t it? Oh, wait …
There is a story, this morning, about a pensioner couple ‘forced’ to ‘live’ at an airport. (?!?)
Mmm … I read the article puzzled as to how this (apparently very ‘middle-class’) couple could end-up in such a (financial) state – they get around £1400.00p a month right now. I stopped reading when I read of their £95,000.00p mortgage, not long ago … which they couldn’t service … and was ‘foreclosed’ … ? Apparently previous earnings in the £80,000.00p a year bracket were not used to lose, over the years, other mortgages … nuf said eh? (The man, 71, is looking for a job … financially advising businesses?)

Tuesday 3rd February 2015.

Cold but sunny for a walk about early afternoon.
The OAP’s Heating Allowance is again in the MSN with some bunch of think-tankers suggesting they make pensioners apply for it. (Note the ‘Make’ aspect!) The idea being that some OAP’s might think that they didn’t need it and wouldn’t bother applying. Yeah, right! It might save a penny or two but think of the cost of sorting all those applications! Another costly exercise that helps keep us all poor!