Monthly Archives: March 2015

Monday 30th March 2015.

A cold west wind this morning but still some sun early on.
The past two days have seen just non-stop rain around here which plays havoc with folk trying to get out and about.
It’s ‘tax-year’ in a few days but no worries this year – they’ve abolished all that £100 fine malarkey for late returns – the fine is now a minimum of £2,000.00p!

Thursday 26th March 2015.

Cold wet and windy this morning but okay to check-out a bit of local wildlife.
The wildlife is doing okay. Canada Geese numbers are on the up again too I notice. And soon the Hogweeds will be rising from the dead to line the footpaths and bike-routes.
There’s still loads about that nice Mr. Clarkson in the MSM. Now no longer tied to auntie’s apron strings he may make (for instance) car programmes in the more edgy Private Sector. They don’t really waste cash there – so corned-beef sarnies in a Kingsmill wrapper might be the fare for a quick, between-takes, lunch. Or breakfast, or supper … there’s no licence-fee back-up now – so if you want to eat, well, anything, the programmes have to be good. And you have to stump-up your own cash to make ’em … Mmm … whole new ball-game.

Tuesday 24th March 2015.

Very misty early on with what looks like night-fallen hail-stone all over the place. Cold, therefore, while out and about but the sun was there.
One or two big cranes about locally too. Top pic was of one at Coney Green School and next pic is of the Church Street road works earlier this month. Traffic-flow, because of the Church Street work, is, I’m told by a few of those affected – a nightmare at rush hours.
Off (main) road: The Daisyfield Greenway has been tidied-up and swept(? oh yes!) and, for a few days, it was great for those depending on pneumatic bike tyres for basic transport. It still is really, but now the smooth clean tarmac of the Greenway is marred by large deposits of horse-muck!
Canal tow-path is pretty clear but, as usual, Hinds Lane will be puddled. Little Lever arm will be muddy between the cobbled stretches!

Friday 13th March 2015.

Heavy rain earlier so getting out and about postponed for an hour or two.
MSM reports that 20 mph speed limits on some major roads (in London?) are to be brought in. The idea is to ‘save lives’. A humanitarian idea then? Well, no, the fine for exceeding this 20 mph will be a minimum £100.00p – so the ‘humanitarian’ feel goes right out of the window! Shoving 20 mph signs up has already cost some boroughs (?) over £2,000,000.00p, so they’ve got to get that back for a start or it’s all a total loss-maker! (So what’s new eh?)
So I’ll have to start watching my speed down Grindsbrook or Ainsworth Road just in case! And for many grid-locked morning rush-hour drivers even 20 mph is a long-lost dream!
With cars travelling at (a joke?) 20 mph, the TV programme Top Gear, in its present muscle-car-loving mode, becomes ever-more irrelevant. A serious make-over perhaps while things are … quiet …

Wednesday 11th March 2015.

White frost this morning but that cleared and it’s quite fine. Yesterday fine enough for a hike around the canal and farm-lanes. A bit cooler today but some sun nevertheless.
A slight giggle this morning too as several MSM bloggers warn impending OAP’s of the perils of higher-rate taxation if you drawdown too much pension too quickly. Last week the same bloggers were on about big firms (and folk) avoiding tax! Funny how things change isn’t it?
And the Save the Clarkson campaign has over 200,000 siggies for him. I don’t mind him or the other two, but the T.G. programme is a bit dated these days – or perhaps that’s me. Strangely, it’s not the pro’s and con’s of a particular car that attracts me (or detracts!) it’s the plethora of mind-numbing, nit-picking, unnecessary form-filling financial overheads that automatically go with one. Not to mention the general road and parking conditions and regulations. This morning (again) the traffic was semi-gridlocked even after the nine o’clock rush. So why have (and pay for) all this bullshit – just to travel slower!
Pic today was taken yesterday along Manchester, Bolton and Bury Canal at Radcliffe and the uni-rider was off to Redisher Woods up at Holcombe. It was great, he said later, for off-roading etc. A good bike-ride then of about eight or nine miles each way for anyone interested.
They were sweeping and clearing Daisyfield Greenway again – is extension work imminent I wonder? If so the Radcliffe – Bury (off-road) route ever grows more viable.

Tuesday 10th March 2015.

Much better weather this morning outdoors – something like the pic that was taken at Banana Walk (I think) in February. Still cold though but at speed, in the open air, you don’t notice that!
Watched George & Arthur (or is it Arthur & George?) part two of this ‘who-dun-it’ involving Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle. It’s still okay but naturally part two is the ‘puzzler’ episode where things get more ‘impossible’ and unfathomable for our detective. The sound was better too – you could hear the characters speak. Part three – the finale – next week.

Monday 9th March 2015.

Icy sleet and hail this morning and so the out and about bit was curtailed by a mile or two.
Actually watched Top Gear last night. They’ve gone back to reviewing (advertising!) new cars instead of slap-stick TV movies and there was quite a bit of info’ on the machines shown – with a sensible search for the real ‘quality’ aspects of stuff usually mass-produced. But the prices of such cars (even the £19,000.00p MX5) render them fodder only for TV presenters rather than OAP’s! And then there are the running-costs! But the TV programme is far more interesting when focussed on cars (even during Capt. Slow’s venture into Rally Crossing) rather than comedy.
Then Poldark came on. Not my scene. No “input”. Really a re-hashed ‘repeat’?
Far better was a new, very short, video at Youtube about that big lump of cut stone at Baalbeck in the Lebanon. They’ve partially excavated around the 1,000 tone (?) lump in an attempt to show that, because of its size and weight, the stone was just left where it was partially cut from the bedrock by (we are told) The Romans who simply couldn’t shift it. (Three similar are meticulously laid in the walls of The Temple of Jupiter nearby) Sadly they dug around the stone and found – that it was stacked on top of two others – both bigger – both marked for cutting and moving as if it were Lego-Time. One is estimated at 1,600 tons. Natch establishment archaeo’s have gone to ground fast!
Noticed that (apparently!) the Coney Green School buildings may be used for – guess what? Yes, a school (doh!) but for children with ‘learning difficulties’.
With any defunct ex-council building any usage really is good. A school for children with ‘learning difficulties’? Okay – it’s a ‘use’ and that’s that. But all of the school buildings? That’s a fair amount of ‘learning difficulties’ then. Why not a mixed school? I.e. children with ‘learning difficulties’ and also those without. I don’t think the (local) kids would mind, and that’s what a school should be about – the kids.
Meanwhile the buildings stand (mainly) silent; the playing-field wildly overgrows – were this a local householder’s garden the council would probably moan …
Money? Well, council-house roofs locally are being re-felted and lathed … and so there’s some about …