Monday 9th March 2015.

Icy sleet and hail this morning and so the out and about bit was curtailed by a mile or two.
Actually watched Top Gear last night. They’ve gone back to reviewing (advertising!) new cars instead of slap-stick TV movies and there was quite a bit of info’ on the machines shown – with a sensible search for the real ‘quality’ aspects of stuff usually mass-produced. But the prices of such cars (even the £19,000.00p MX5) render them fodder only for TV presenters rather than OAP’s! And then there are the running-costs! But the TV programme is far more interesting when focussed on cars (even during Capt. Slow’s venture into Rally Crossing) rather than comedy.
Then Poldark came on. Not my scene. No “input”. Really a re-hashed ‘repeat’?
Far better was a new, very short, video at Youtube about that big lump of cut stone at Baalbeck in the Lebanon. They’ve partially excavated around the 1,000 tone (?) lump in an attempt to show that, because of its size and weight, the stone was just left where it was partially cut from the bedrock by (we are told) The Romans who simply couldn’t shift it. (Three similar are meticulously laid in the walls of The Temple of Jupiter nearby) Sadly they dug around the stone and found – that it was stacked on top of two others – both bigger – both marked for cutting and moving as if it were Lego-Time. One is estimated at 1,600 tons. Natch establishment archaeo’s have gone to ground fast!
Noticed that (apparently!) the Coney Green School buildings may be used for – guess what? Yes, a school (doh!) but for children with ‘learning difficulties’.
With any defunct ex-council building any usage really is good. A school for children with ‘learning difficulties’? Okay – it’s a ‘use’ and that’s that. But all of the school buildings? That’s a fair amount of ‘learning difficulties’ then. Why not a mixed school? I.e. children with ‘learning difficulties’ and also those without. I don’t think the (local) kids would mind, and that’s what a school should be about – the kids.
Meanwhile the buildings stand (mainly) silent; the playing-field wildly overgrows – were this a local householder’s garden the council would probably moan …
Money? Well, council-house roofs locally are being re-felted and lathed … and so there’s some about …

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