Wednesday 11th March 2015.

White frost this morning but that cleared and it’s quite fine. Yesterday fine enough for a hike around the canal and farm-lanes. A bit cooler today but some sun nevertheless.
A slight giggle this morning too as several MSM bloggers warn impending OAP’s of the perils of higher-rate taxation if you drawdown too much pension too quickly. Last week the same bloggers were on about big firms (and folk) avoiding tax! Funny how things change isn’t it?
And the Save the Clarkson campaign has over 200,000 siggies for him. I don’t mind him or the other two, but the T.G. programme is a bit dated these days – or perhaps that’s me. Strangely, it’s not the pro’s and con’s of a particular car that attracts me (or detracts!) it’s the plethora of mind-numbing, nit-picking, unnecessary form-filling financial overheads that automatically go with one. Not to mention the general road and parking conditions and regulations. This morning (again) the traffic was semi-gridlocked even after the nine o’clock rush. So why have (and pay for) all this bullshit – just to travel slower!
Pic today was taken yesterday along Manchester, Bolton and Bury Canal at Radcliffe and the uni-rider was off to Redisher Woods up at Holcombe. It was great, he said later, for off-roading etc. A good bike-ride then of about eight or nine miles each way for anyone interested.
They were sweeping and clearing Daisyfield Greenway again – is extension work imminent I wonder? If so the Radcliffe – Bury (off-road) route ever grows more viable.

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