Friday 13th March 2015.

Heavy rain earlier so getting out and about postponed for an hour or two.
MSM reports that 20 mph speed limits on some major roads (in London?) are to be brought in. The idea is to ‘save lives’. A humanitarian idea then? Well, no, the fine for exceeding this 20 mph will be a minimum £100.00p – so the ‘humanitarian’ feel goes right out of the window! Shoving 20 mph signs up has already cost some boroughs (?) over £2,000,000.00p, so they’ve got to get that back for a start or it’s all a total loss-maker! (So what’s new eh?)
So I’ll have to start watching my speed down Grindsbrook or Ainsworth Road just in case! And for many grid-locked morning rush-hour drivers even 20 mph is a long-lost dream!
With cars travelling at (a joke?) 20 mph, the TV programme Top Gear, in its present muscle-car-loving mode, becomes ever-more irrelevant. A serious make-over perhaps while things are … quiet …

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