Tuesday 24th March 2015.

Very misty early on with what looks like night-fallen hail-stone all over the place. Cold, therefore, while out and about but the sun was there.
One or two big cranes about locally too. Top pic was of one at Coney Green School and next pic is of the Church Street road works earlier this month. Traffic-flow, because of the Church Street work, is, I’m told by a few of those affected – a nightmare at rush hours.
Off (main) road: The Daisyfield Greenway has been tidied-up and swept(? oh yes!) and, for a few days, it was great for those depending on pneumatic bike tyres for basic transport. It still is really, but now the smooth clean tarmac of the Greenway is marred by large deposits of horse-muck!
Canal tow-path is pretty clear but, as usual, Hinds Lane will be puddled. Little Lever arm will be muddy between the cobbled stretches!

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