Thursday 26th March 2015.

Cold wet and windy this morning but okay to check-out a bit of local wildlife.
The wildlife is doing okay. Canada Geese numbers are on the up again too I notice. And soon the Hogweeds will be rising from the dead to line the footpaths and bike-routes.
There’s still loads about that nice Mr. Clarkson in the MSM. Now no longer tied to auntie’s apron strings he may make (for instance) car programmes in the more edgy Private Sector. They don’t really waste cash there – so corned-beef sarnies in a Kingsmill wrapper might be the fare for a quick, between-takes, lunch. Or breakfast, or supper … there’s no licence-fee back-up now – so if you want to eat, well, anything, the programmes have to be good. And you have to stump-up your own cash to make ’em … Mmm … whole new ball-game.

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