Monthly Archives: March 2015

Thursday 5th March 2015.

Fine enough for getting out and about and a check, on the way, to see if anything had been done at the ‘end’ of a local walking/cycling route – Daisyfield Greenway. There are plans to extend this route to Bolton (already mentioned here several times) but, so far, the route still ends at the bits of fencing (pictured), where it merely becomes a muddy track through the fields. Extending the route (Cycle-Route 6) would mean that it actually went somewhere – in this case Bolton. Thus a clear (almost!) traffic-free route – Bolton to Bury – would exist. The route is an old railway-line route.
Apparently, they’ve learned, the free for all Statins drugs tend to prevent Insulin from working correctly and so may ‘encourage’ Diabetes! I’m not a fan of medication – unless I’m ill – anyway.
Watched DCI Banks last night. This has always been a much soap-padded drama, but last night a murder seemed to be the important thing – oh joy! But then Banks’ mother died and the whole focus changed to that soapy aspect. Shame! Good actors. It’s a serial so nothing solved last night – but a strong possibility right away. If so it’s far too predictable.
Saw a bit of the film Blade – one of the actors is in Death in Paradise – the funny one with the motor-bike and side-car!

Tuesday 3rd March 2015.

No hail-stone this morning but a strong wind blowing, along Bury & Bolton Road, toward Bury shopping precincts – I’m sure the council have a hand in that!
Watched Arthur & George last night – the first episode of three – brilliant and, apparently, based on a true story involving old Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle (the excellent Martin Clunes). Just wish they’d sort the sound problems though, characters were inaudible for parts of it. Looks good though so far.
Roll-Royce announce the new Phantom II Serenity. It’ll cost a ¬£million. Buyer number one has already ordered …
Bentley will make their new sports model. ¬£130,000.00p so a snip, and it’ll do 200mph. Mind you, nothing, repeat nothing, gets through the lights at Radcliffe Town Hall faster than a bike at rush hour! So two wheels is still preferred!

Monday 2nd March 2015.

They said, “A touch of snow on high ground …” last night on TV. Mmm… it was actually hail-stone this morning – the size of peas in and around Bury.
Watched the final bit of Casual Vacancy last night and still don’t understand it – never watched anything fictional so depressing. Earlier, Off Their Rockers, a kind of geriatric Candid Camera was, in parts, funny.
Top Gear’s three presenters are looking a bit dated lately and J.C. said that three (small) cars were actually VW Golfs underneath. If so, what’s the point of the programme?
For some older Radcliffe pics and Radcliffe stuff in general Radcliffe Heritage Page at Facebook is well worth a look – they have meetings – at Library – too I think. (Nice one David K.!)