Monthly Archives: April 2015

Thursday 30th April 2015.

More rain this morning – there was loads yesterday – and so even the pavements were water-logged this morning. (The drain below this mega-puddle was blocked solid – as were countless gutter grids this morning.)
In time to catch a steamer as it chugged up to Bury South.
They must be running them this weekend. I wonder why they can keep running, with the great old steam-engines, while the rest of what really is the remnants of British Rail (remember that?) is a financial basket-case … perhaps it’s just run out of steam …
Wheel-nut count is now twelve – a dozen.
Watch-out for temporary traffic-lights near Warth Bridge. The road surface was horrendous around there and they’re re-surfacing it – let’s hope they unblock the grid by the bus-stop as the puddle it caused reached to the central white line!
One of the political-party leaders involved in the forthcoming election was spouting tasty promises somewhere yesterday. Afterward folk were asked if they believed him. Generally the answer was no.

Wednesday 29th April 2015

Cold with rain and hailstones this morning and an early-morning loud bang (?) turned-out to be an old bike-tyre finally giving up the ghost! (It’s all sorted as that pair of wheels are needed later.) Today’s photo was taken earlier in the month during more clement weather.

Tuesday 28th April 2015.

Weather forecasters said it would go cold and wintry and they were right. Hailstones lashed down this morning and it was near freezing with strong winds. Of course this is a minor natural event compared to the devastation caused by an earthquake in Nepal and surrounding areas. Aid is on its way – let’s hope it really helps the thousands affected.
Watched Safe House Episode Two last night and the plot indeed thickens. You’ve no way, at this stage, of predicting an outcome and the well-played characters keep it this side of dysfunctional which is a breath of fresh air for TV drama – it’s just about feasible in other words. Some great Lake District outdoor scenes too – it all helps if done normally.

Monday 27th April 2015.

Sunny but cold again this morning and they reckon, for a time, it’s going to get colder…
But leaves are appearing on trees and there are hatchlings about.
Watched part one of Safehouse last week, part two tonight. It’s a bit contrived so far, mind you what d’you expect in part one, but it might prove original as it unfolds. Good actors at least.
Election fodder is everywhere, much of it expensive time-wasting drivel. Most folk make ends meet despite who-ever is in ‘power’, not because of them.
And ‘making ends meet’ takes-on a whole new meaning when you read about the latest British ‘Rich List’. Apparently the richest person in the UK per temp is worth £13.17 billion – £13,170,000,000.00p in numbers. Presently the UK accumulated debt is: £1,500,000,000,000.00p. Which all goes to show that the nought key, on a keyboard, is bloody handy! (And so much for ‘making ends meet’!)

Saturday 25th April 2015.

Dull, cloudy and rainy this morning but okay along the canal tow-path. Sad about the swan(s) but mustn’t dwell on that here.
One or two planted spuds showing and the drop of rain will help. New rhubarb shoved-in too.
Bayside is okay if mixed with something ‘normal’ for the pipe(s). Otherwise it’s too hot – really it’s for hand-rolling.
Mrs C. sent for an item via the ‘net from China at the same time as an online item from Bolton. The Chinese item has arrived without problem and is perfectly ok. Still awaiting the Bolton buy …
Hogweeds are ‘bubbling-under’ at all the usual spots. It might just be a real bumper year!

Friday 24th April 2015

A sunny view, this morning, from the top of The Daisyfield Greenway – hopefully, we’re told, soon to be extended …
An interesting MSM read, a day or two ago, was the info-mercial entitled:’Feel the wind in your hair!’ or something like that. The following ‘story’ was the (we’re told) Top Ten best open-top sports cars to buy second-hand. The cheapest was £3,000.00p and the dearest £20,000.00p. Nice, but an expensive way to get your hair blow-dried! And surely something free but with two wheels gets you air all over and obviates the need for much graft!
On the subject of motors, one of the execs at the very busy ARM (small, extremely efficient computer semi-conductors now used in most mobile-‘phones) company is leaving to take-up an exec post at Rolls-Royce …
Mmm … tiny engines on the way? Instead of the half-ton lumps already used?
(Top Gear’s gone so every bit helps … )
Why does Sky go-up in price every month?
Tesco’s eh? Mind you, perhaps they could ‘write-off’ a £billion a year against tax for six years … just a thought …
and the shares … mmm …

Tuesday 7th April 2015.

Drizzly mist this morning around Radcliffe and Bury. And, looking down to the riverbanks from Wellington Street Viaduct, this year’s Giant Hogweed plants are already sprouting!
Watched ‘Code of a Killer’ part one last night and it’s quite good. Dramatised yes, but not spoiled with endless soap scenes, the boffin (John Sims?) is finally able to display a DNA profile and helps the detective.
The night before ‘Vera’ was chasing all over the place in her Land-Rover, all unnecessary had she just waited for the door-key fingerprint/DNA(?) coming from her boffin. Like DI Banks this is a mournful, laughless, sad old programme that needs livening-up. Watch some fast-moving American stuff for a good guide!