Sunday 24th May 2015.

Drizzly rain this morning (so far) and so a pic from a walk around last night. Out and about shortly if the drizzle eases off.
Missed the Song Contest.
One or two .org websites are asking for (free!?) pictures and locations of any invasive/toxic plant species that folk find growing around the place. If you want pictures and locations of anything the best way to get them is to get off your butt … etc. Mind you, that’s very expensive and too much like work isn’t it? Anyway, one ‘site names three invasive plants as the main ones: Giant Hogweed, Himalayan Balsam and Japanese Knotweed. It cleared-up weather-wise so while out and about a quick-pic of all three of those evil invaders growing happily together was (quite easily) taken – pic two today.
While there a few more pics were taken; one of a duck below a forest wall of Giant Hogweed; a veritable sea of newly sprouting Himalayan Balsam and various other shots that you definitely won’t see at Chelsea Flower Show!
Most of the Hogweed pics here feature plants about that are about six-foot spread and up to six-feet in height so far. They’ll easily reach ten feet (or more) when they go to seed.
Surprising what you can see in a Public Park isn’t it?

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