Tuesday 26th May 2015.

Quiet and fine this morning (school hols!) and the greenery around the river Irwell at Wellington Street is really blooming. Sadly much of it is of invasive, toxic plant life!
So take care if walking or cycling the green and pleasant areas.
In pic two that very young Hogweed leaf is bigger than the back wheel (700c/27″) of me bike – just visible in photo’. J. Knotweed is proving prolific in those areas – tons of it!
As mentioned it’s school holidays and the roads locally were very sparsely trafficked – very few, if any, massive 4Wd’s about – so great for getting out and about.
Watched an old(ish) Super Hero film last night on TV, the one where Captain America and Co. fight it out with a time-warp of huge mechanical Aliens. The night before watched Tom Cruise battle it out against some really nasty and fast-moving non-mechanical Aliens. In both films the Aliens were finally routed and Earth saved. Natch all Super Hero’s stay well clear of Giant Hogweed – well, why risk your reputation?!
Apparently Greater Manchester is becoming something of an Online Mail-Order Hub of major proportions – far more concentrated and active than say London. Perhaps the (business?) cost of a five minute walk to a Post Office is more appealing to Northerners than a £5,000.00p yearly commuter’s rail ticket!
For established businesses in that line cost-effective bike panniers help with the bulk of things.

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