Wednesday 27th May 2015.

A bit on the dull side early-on but while out and about some heavyweight lifting-gear was spotted by the railway repair yards.
Further on the local wild-life was out and about too …
I see that rabbit most mornings – same spot.
While there – on top of the viaduct – it’s not too difficult to hang by your heels from the viaduct wall and get a pic of the Hogweed patch thirty feet below.
Yeah right!
Other working ‘blog-sites’ are visited. Strangely ‘owners’ ever moan about running costs yet have adverts and donation facilities at the ‘sites. This site, and another similar (WordPress), run in a basic way, cost about £1 a week for web-space hosting – with a reliable server. Expensive? No. Being online saves me (an OAP) far more than a pound a week so the extravagance of a website or two virtually ( 🙂 ) pays for itself.
Having a ‘site (or two) means you’ve got to get out and about a bit in order to provide some unique (not nicked from anywhere else!) content, which keeps you fit – especially if your works-transport is an old bike.
Who cares?!
But if you are one and fancy a ‘site for twelve months – get in touch… (and get a bike fast!)
There is, in today’s MSM (Mail Online) the story of en OAP (he’s 89) being quoted over £12,000.00p for a year’s car insurance. Okay, he’s old and maybe a bit dodgy in a car. But over £12,000.00p? Is it worth it at all?
Memory brings back the words of famous billionaire ‘investor’ Warren Buffet who was asked, “How do you get that initial bankroll with which to start serious £ investing?” His answer was:
“Start an insurance company.”
QED eh?
And just think of the website and bike he could get instead!
QED again.

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