Friday 29th May 2015.

Drizzly rain early-on but an out and about walk a bit later. Dry now but it’s on the windy side.
Watched episodes of the new Castle series (Wednesdays) – episode two was last Wednesday – and it’s still well-up to scratch. This time it’s Castle himself who has problems with (possibly) his past which he can’t remember. The NYPD (or NPYD! as Castle once shouted to scare a bunch of crims in an earlier episode) always seems well staffed with umpteen officers. I wonder how a UK version would pan out? It’s not often you see a copper lately is it?
Apparently there’s a new James Bond book out. This one harks back to ‘the sixties’ and features Pussy Galore once again. In the movie versions the original Pussy Galore (in Goldfinger) was played by Honor Blackman who made TV history as Cathy Gale in the (original) Avengers with Patrick Macnee as Steed. Then all this ‘spy’ stuff was new and original. It’s all a bit dated nowadays. The new book is written by the writer that writes Midsomer Murders. Strangely that rather soapy programme sends me to sleep. As did a Superman movie pre-recorded and watched today. At least you can FF the adverts!

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