Saturday 30th May 2015.

A dry run this morning and, while out, a check on a known Giant Hogweed patch at Warth. As expected it’s coming along nicely with the banking well covered in the newly sprouting weeds. Behind that banking (and apparently oblivious) is a well-known, TV advertised, very trendy … Garden Centre/Home Furnishing/Posh Coffee-House, store … So if you buy a potted-plant from there and you get a strange, very large growth in the same pot …
Near the Hogweeds were clumps of Red Campion, a native weed/wild-flower. Strangely I find it far more interesting on this, the outside, of that garden-centre fence.
In the same vein our old ‘wildlife’ pond is, after many years, finally ‘trendy’. Folk are having them constructed not to look at but to swim in, with naturally filtering plants and shingle rather than smooth clean tiles. Nice, but even now, in May, almost Flaming June, it’s bloody freezing outside and a month or so ago all that frog-spawn was really slippery. Dragon-fly larvae too. And beetles. Newts. Slimy algae. Water, in a garden, isn’t all plain-sailing …
A raw carrot? Yep. Good cheap food if you’re on an Old Age Pension! And Giant Hogweed is related to it! How’s that for aggressive food!

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