Sunday 31st May 2015.

Rainy cold and windy this morning with few out and about. But being sunless meant a photo’ looking back along the viaduct at Bury. Normally morning sun makes doing this impossible.
An old grey building, just visible, is the now defunct Bury Police Station. (I think it’s defunct)
It’s hard to realise that tomorrow is the beginning of ‘flaming’ June!
Yesterday, early, James Martin the chef-cum-car writer, spent much of the morning cooking a massive T-Bone and umpteen side-dishes of eggs, mushrooms and other vegetables. The chefs – there were four people tinkering with a barrage of hobs and ovens – eventually made the meal which must have cost a full week’s Old Age Pension in ingredients, gas and lecky. Not to mention the calories. And even then the meat was only half cooked. Mind you, they’d not get much TV-Time out of a pensioner ‘cooking’ a Pot Noodle would they?
On the subject of food it’s usually the green skin, on a cucumber, that plays havoc with an ageing stomach. Trim it off. (And always remove the polythene shrink-wrap!)

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