Monthly Archives: May 2015

Thursday 21st May 2015.

A dry ‘run’ this morning with only slight winds. It’s early days yet but there’s not much Himalayan Balsam about. At one normally well infested site there are pinkish weed flowers but they’re not the dreaded Balsam.
Watched episode one, series seven of Castle last night. If Castle and Becket get married it will of course be end of story so the wedding has been mysteriously prevented. This sub-plot will last the series while the pair carry-on catching a killer per episode as main plots. Castle is funny, fast-moving and well-made. Some UK ‘tec film-makers should note. Yes it’s only TV but, by public demand, this is the seventh Castle series.
While out and about the past few mornings loud regular metallic bangs, like hammering, can be heard echoing around Bury when on the Wellington Viaduct. I think they’re finally building at the gas-works.
There are now sixteen (16) car wheel-nuts in the collection. Check your car wheels and tighten yours when you’ve a minute!

Wednesday 20th May 2015.

Rain again this morning so a read at the online press. Apparently the ‘Best In Show’ garden at Chelsea is described (by one headline) as ‘designer rubble’. This is great as I’ve had a backyard like that for years! Wee… erm, wild-flowers, Gunnera, a spud patch, Bluebells, Rhubarb, frog pond, I’ve been asked several times if I’m going to ‘tidy it all up’.
Ah, vindication is sweet.
Was in Radcliffe centre yesterday and the long-planned ‘renewal’ is going-on at the posh car-park. It’ll be a new bus-station. Then new retail outlets (shops for gawd’s sake!) one of them it’s reputed, a supermarket, will be built. Apparently it’s on schedule time-wise and the new leisure complex at Coney Green is open. (I’m told) (I’m not comfortable taking pics of such as MIB’s do seem to appear from nowhere when you lift a camera … especially in Bury).
For bikes, bike parts and repairs there is a stall in the new market and asda have got a few of the more popular sizes of inner-tube – BMX and ATB and the self-seal type. Here retirement now rules!

Tuesday 19th May 2015.

Rainy spells this morning so I’m not allowed out in case of hypothermia, drowning and rust! But a read at the MSM online has a few giggles. Nice to see photo’s of Prince Harry’s gardening skills – particularly the ones featuring Gunnera! I have a root or two myself of that plant. In the same vein today’s pic (taken a few days ago) is of Giant Hogweed that flourishes along the River Irwell valley locally and is just sprouting for this year’s infestation.(Plants are currently about two feet tall and quickly rising). Anywhere else and they get folk dressed in space-suits in to eradicate it.
Started to watch something called Norrell (?) last night but totally befogged had to turn it off. Lately have been watching lectures (yes lectures) by Graham Hancock now on YouTube. They may be a bit dated by now but while the weather is bad and TV banal …
Outside right now it’s brightly sunny but chucking it down at the same time – with a hailstone ?!? warning on some TV weather programmes for this area – par for the course weather-wise around here.
At the eu they’re going to ‘debate’ the 20% vat scam on electronic products such as books. The present rules more or less prevent writers from selling such from their own websites as the cost of accounting 20% vat on a book price of say £3.00 would be enormous. You can advertise a book which is sold from another website ‘platform’, such as Amazon, as Amazon takes care of the vat. Result? Umpteen would-be JKR’s have had to nit-pickingly adjust online prices to allow for vat at (say) Amazon. Result? Less sales obviously. In the UK there’s a vat threshold of about £80,000.00p (I think) before vat registration is needed – a sensible rule to assist new business. Or, better of course, no vat at all!
Hailstones? Oh yes – at about one fifteen pm! Pics two and three.

Sunday 17th May 2015.

Cold wind this morning with a spot or two of rain. But a pic from and to each bridge in town-centre. Very quiet down there.
The ‘road-up’ along Church Street is as bad as ever with quite a long bit of shuttered pedestrian path now erected to get past it.
It was busier along the canal than in town-centre (?) and the ducks are squatting the swan’s nest.
‘Net connection is slow and sporadic this morning despite the cost!
Watched the Atlantis soap last night and the series ended with Jason being told to sail to some place and find the Golden Fleece. So if it continues it’ll be Jason and the Argonaughts. That title rings a bell and brings back memories of some really dodgy special-effects!

Saturday 16th May 2015.

>Cold and windy this morning and the river Irwell, at Warth, is a bit low water-level-wise. Around the riverbanks though the Hogweeds are doing nicely and it should be a good show this year.
Walked-it to Bury (Kay Gardens) yesterday in about an hour by the farm-lanes – the shortest route. Strangely the bus, on the main roads, (mainly) takes that – longer if you have to wait half an hour for one!

Friday 15th May 2015

Warm and sunny later-on for the out and about hour or two. Had a walk up Bury, via Elton Res and Hinds Lane (oh yes) and Mrs C saw her first sprouting Giant Hogweed. They’re growing in force again all along the river. Had a burger. Had to come back by bus.

Thursday 14th May 2015.

Cold wind this morning from the North. But at least so far it’s dry so an easy run out earlier. Nicely green now along the lanes and the eight cygnets are still eight (as of yesterday).
The new Rolls model will be a resurrected Dawn. It will look like a Rolls-Royce and goes against the present-day sameness of most new cars. It’s a two-door convertible and looks like something openly sporty from the nineteen fifties but underneath will of course be ‘modern’. Just the rear wheel-arches niggle imo – something cleaner would have been better – but, hey ho, who am I? The car may cost about £250,000.00p. Nice, but the bus-pass is more amenable!
Bayside again. At least it’s cheap.
Watched Grimm last night and despite the soap it’s still a good ‘horror’ – ish laugh.
Heron stalking the wharf later.

Wednesday 13th May 2015.

Sunny with a bit of a breeze today so an easy ride around – after fitting a new back axle to another old roady. And a new rear dérailleur. (It’s great spell-checker isn’t it?) There was a really nice British Racing Green E-Type up Bury. But, hey ho, Ros Altman is now ‘of’ the government so pension rises may be a thing of the past! The list of govern-mental ministers etc. is never-ending – loads of ’em. Wonder why? Laws etc. now come from the eu. Pic today was taken in February.
Watched one of the Bourne films last night – the one without Bourne but with Rachael Weisz. (Isn’t spell-checker a waste of space?!) Also saw that weird advert for a ‘robot’. Well, there must be loads of spare cash about, TV ad’s aren’t cheap.

Tuesday 12th May 2015.

Rainy this morning and, I’m told, a spot of hail early-on. So a quick (yeah, right!) outing this morning that touched-on 20.3 mph along the smooth bit of Bury Road. A word of warning here: If you do a speed-run along this new and smooth bit of tarmac, watch-out as the smooth bit ends – the following old bit is like the surface of the bloody moon so take care!
Yesterday afternoon turned-out warm and sunny and that’s when today’s pic of Radcliffe Wharf was taken. Counted 8 cygnets.
It looks like Lord Sugar has seen the light!
Watched the finale of Safe House last night with its rather predictable, soapy ending. It was okay with good solid actors but the slick US TV shows get all this, and more, into a 45 minute slot for episode after episode. Great scenic shots of The Lakes though and one or two of central Manchester.
Coot chicks in the afternoon.