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Tuesday 30th June 2015.

Gooseberries are doing nicely out back and it is very warm this morning. So much so that some railway folk are giving warnings about ‘buckling tracks’ in the heat. Already! Then again someone else speculates on 310 mph Chinese Bullet Trains being installed here. Meself I’d say 310 mph and buckling tracks definitely won’t mix! And what exactly will power those trains? A wind-turbine stuck on the engine where once a smoking funnel stood?
Top Gear 2015 is in line for an award ( I read). The very last (very funny!) episode was (I’m told) watched by nearly six million viewers. Mr. Clarkson and his two presenters will be happy about this but, sadly, auntie probably couldn’t care less as popularity and public-demand aren’t funding considerations. Re-named and re-branded ‘Top Gear’ and its dynamic trio may return some day, where they are.
Bear in mind that the new-car industry (yes, in the UK) had its best year for years during the past one and a positive ‘test’, by a TV based impartial reviewer, is as gold to a car-maker.(Regardless as to where its ‘head-office’ is in the world)(Or the state of the state railways buckling tracks!)
A good ‘stand-up’ few minutes from The Chase’s Paul Sinha on Jason Manford last night. But, where was his white suit? A short but comically slanted up-to-date newsy Jason is wisely screened later to allow slightly adult fun. Audience enjoy it.
Heavily beeb’d music-fest (?) Glastonbury is being cleared of tons of shite by … volunteers. Ah, so that’s how you pull a swift £70,000,000.00p! And I thought the license fee …

Monday 29th June 2015.

Some kind of heat-wave has been forecast for this week but so far it’s about average for the time of year. They’ve trimmed the hedges (with gelignite by the looks of them) along Bury and Bolton Road and over the tree remnants I could glimpse a hot-air balloon this morning. (Dead-centre of the picture)
Watched Black Work last night and it’s still a good puzzler with one more episode to go. Then Humans was also puzzling but in a far more original way. But the highlight of last night’s TV was the very last Top Gear. The episode has been panned in one major online rag this morning but the fact is; the last show was extremely funny. The ageing trio were ‘testing’ equally ageing cars in two ‘films’. Yes they moaned. Yes they have massive funded technical back-up but as ever the ‘stars’ were the cars. The first film featured three old but well-known ‘sports-cars’, now thought of as ‘Classic Cars’. Were such cars really ‘Classics’? The trio attempted to find out. The second film featured three SUV’s also ageing and bought for less than £250.00p each. These were ‘tested’ to destruction – one still fired-up and ran! Silly? No. Surprisingly this ‘price-range’ is popular with the non-funded, on a shoe-string business start-ups that, now and then, produce a winner. Ask a few pro’ dog-walkers. So Top Gear Car Show has gone. To be replaced with Top Gear Pop Show (with a ‘phone-in competition) perhaps? On that bombshell …

Sunday 28th June 2015.

Dull and overcast this morning so a fast out and about before any rain started. Mind you the recent rain is great for gardens and water-loving plants like Gunnera – two four-foot leaves on the main root now. And Ed reports a twenty-foot tall Hogweed (it’s massive – he has a photo’) down Phillips Park along the Nature Trail – an expedition may be planned to view it.
The Unicycle wheel in the photo’ is 36″ diameter. Picture courtesy of E.B. Infestation Investigation.

Saturday 27th June 2015.

Sunny this morning and an old steamer at Bury South. (Great things ‘zooms’!)
I’ve several close-ups of this one so didn’t hang about until it came up to the crossing. It’s awesome though when one of these larger engines steams past only a few feet away. The noise is deafening for a start – but that’s a minor drawback. From there a summery Daisyfield Greenway – no Hogweeds up there as yet – to the access path at Elton.
Sion Street is well Hogweeded; take care if along there and crossing Irwell by the small blue bridge. Some plants along there are monsters – the place was checked-out last night by Ed. The wetter parts of the Nature Trail are also being infested – again, take care if along there.
Started to watch On Her Majesty’s Secret Service last night – the James Bond film with George Lazenby in it. It’s one of the earlier ones that sticks to Ian Flemings original plot quite well. Lazenby was quite realistic too, pity he only did the one. Good pipe he had – Peterson I think. But they hammered it with ads which dragged it out far too much. Gave up after an hour. You can watch these on Youtube too.

Friday 26th June 2015.

Dull and rainy earlier-on so a fast out and about this morning. Photo’ is from a few days ago. Only yards from that leafy lane in the picture is Bury Town Centre – and thirty feet lower is an old but still habited street by once busy industrial yards. The lane is roughly level with the chimney pots of the houses.
Watched an American TV show – Perception – last night. It is a cop-show. In this the cops are assisted by a self-confessed basket-case of a schizophrenic who actually teaches (things psychological – of the mind) at a US high-school/college. What his students turn-out like is anybody’s guess! But the show is quite watchable as the teaching ‘detective’ apparently uses his tortured mind to solve ‘impossible’ cases. Strangely, when doing his teaching bit, drawn on his blackboard is a picture of a Brain not a mind. So, what does a mind look like?
Really sad news this morning – Steed. Great in the sixties.

Thursday 25th June 2015.

Dull with a spot or two of rain in the air and therefore a reasonably safe day for checking-out a few Giant Hogweed patches locally. The old favourite spot next to the ex-Radcliffe Times offices was again inundated with plants – first two pictures.
Mind you the river is only inches away, (as is the main road!?) and that’s crammed with Hogweed at the moment. Took a peek at the new water outlet thingy along Church Street. Impressive stuff. (Is it a feed for putting Round-Up into the river?)
Some large Hogweeds at Warth next to the garden-centre (watch what you buy!) and these are say six to eight feet tall. There are one or two on the islands!
There is a run-off stream from the Irwell here, hence the Hogweeds.
At Bury, by the Wellington Street footbridge, the Hogweed infestation is, as usual, mega. These are maybe eight feet tall and it’s a jungle by the water.
Take care in these locations – a man has been badly burned with Hogweed sap already this year.
Watched Castle last night and he finally married Becket – after waking-up in a parallel universe.
Grimm got really grim last night. Totally barmy but very watchable.
Checked the Gunnera leaves yesterday and one is just on four feet across. The roots must be enormous. They get ’em up to eight feet at some pro’ growing places so must keep trying!

Wednesday 24th June 2015.

Warm and sunny this morning but some ‘forecaster’ has predicted a ‘mini-ice-age’ for the UK very soon. Some pretty drastic hedge-trimming along Bury & Bolton Road which is great for pedestrians on the path (very few, if any).
Not so good for those two-wheeled in the nearby bike-lane (quite a few – especially earlier). These lumps (they’re bigger than they look here) aren’t too bad – they’re not Hawthorns, which are deadly where pneumatic tyres are concerned.
An eu ruling, if it’s implemented, will prevent the taking of photographs of public places and objects without copyright permission from owners of that copyright. A stupid ruling but no doubt those govern-mental are already visualising the resulting fines …
And a typical article in one msm rag asks us to choose which ‘benefit(s)’ we’d like to see cut. Mmm … I mean, ‘benefit cuts’? when we shell-out £55,000,000.00p a day to the eu and heaven knows how much in overseas aid every year. This article must have been written by a sheeple, about the sheeple and for the sheeple.
Another episode of The Syndicate last night on TV and it’s still presenting puzzle after puzzle. Two episodes to go if the story actually ends there – you never can tell these days; they get viewers and plan accordingly lately, turning anything and everything into never-ending soaps. But there was an interesting revelation (the clock) last night. Strangely that points to the least likely suspect … always a good bet! A murder too last night? And a puzzling bank-account. This ‘story’ is okay but hardly credible. It revolves around a money-starved stately-home. These days that’s a non-starter. The stately-home would have been forested with wind-turbines and thus endowed with loads of (for now) govern-mental cash subsidies … okay, carry-on from there …

Tuesday 23rd June 2015.

Sun and no wind this morning and so getting out and about was easy. Picture is of the ‘wild bit’ of me garden which is very similar to the ‘Designer Rubble’ that won at Chelsea earlier in the year. (Really)
Sadly another cyclist killed in London. Bikes and motorised vehicles don’t mix, particularly bigger vehicles like lorries. Meself, when at busy road junctions, I walk for fifty yards when I can turn off from car laden main drag. This is safer for me and better for car-drivers – here crammed into double lanes by the (relatively) narrow main road. Better, I use bike-trails and lanes wherever possible. Mind you our local roads are not perhaps the tangle that inner London has become.
A sibling mentioned True Detective as a TV show that I might like. I watched a bit last night and, sadly, it’s just an American corrie with badges and guns. In America, apparently, everyone has a badge; every badge trumps everyone else’s badge. (Or so the fictional TV shows tell us) There are umpteen cops at every Precinct. They wreck cars willy-nilly yet there is always another one to hand. They all have guns too. The bigger the better. And, for ‘drama’, they all seem to be in some way dysfunctional … ie, cant’ handle reality and thus head for the ‘safety’ of a public funded life-style. One such show that breaks this mould is Castle. Far less soap and he’s Private capital P. It’s doing nicely and in its seventh series – and along the way there have been: vampires, ghosts, zombies, old cellars, treasure-maps, magic tricks, secret-agents, spies, all solved by Castle and Becket and a couple of assisting detectives. It’s detection not dysfunctional drama, although they’ve been stood inches away from a massive ‘dirty-bomb’ with five seconds left on the timer-fuse … now that’s True Drama.
Mind you, that sibling, I think, likes the Terry Pratchet stuff. Nuff said eh?
There are, locally, many smaller streets and roads that are now 20 mph zones. Most of the main drags are 30 mph zones. Cars tootle along them like something out of a Noddy and Big Ears cartoon – at busy times even 20 mph, for these drivers, is a far-off dream-speed. (Easy on the bike for short spells)
Can’t wait for the ‘new’ Top Gear. I mean, what will be the point?

Monday 22nd June 2015.

A rainy out and about this morning but not too cold. A few minutes of sun, while at Warth, and thus a picture of a Michaelmas Daisy ‘meadow’ by the river. Across the river the Hogweeds are budding and one (at least) was flowering …
Watched Countryfile on TV the other night. An item about making a river flow more quickly, thus improving water quality and fish-life etc., was interesting. But there wasn’t a Hogweed in sight.
Fathers Day yesterday and all of the ‘gang’ called or messaged. No problem. And, so far, I can remember all of their names! One of them has to visit Manchester Centre at about one o’clock and it’s throwing it down right now. Yesterday he took part in a Unicycle race at Horwich and came 6th. They’ve shoved a short ‘movie’ of the race at FB.
Watched Black Work last night on TV. Sheridan Smith is okay but it’s just another three-part soap drama that happens to involve Police Officers. Later watched a recorded Humans Part Two. This is soapy too but that does seem to take a back-seat to the ‘robot’ plot-line. This is good and the robots remind me of the brilliant Dr. Who Cybermen without the armour.

Sunday 21st June 2015.

Just a spot or two of rain this morning so hopefully the day of sporting events at Bolton won’t be spoiled. It was a bit windy though for the out and about hour but not too bad.
It’s also the longest day and some folk will no doubt be dancing about around Stonehenge over the next twenty-four hours.
Picture is of a clump of Japanese Knotweed by the viaduct slope. Picture two is of a sprouting Himalayan Balsam plant.
The two weeds grow along the Daisyfield Greenway which is, at the moment, fully green and blooming.
Hopefully, soon, this pedestrian/cycle route, will fully extend to Bolton. Only the Radcliffe parts are missing …