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Friday 31st July 2015.

Almost cold again this morning but bright sun lit-up the river at Warth. Swans, geese and gulls on and around the now fairly low water. Somewhat shaded, in picture two, is a large patch of Willowherb with its vibrant pink flower heads. Picture three is of the wishy-washy pink/white flower of a Himalayn Balsam.
Mmm … in the MSM there’s the tale of the winning number, in the Serbian state lottery, coming onto TV screens before the ball was drawn. Don’t you just love it! And the old Top Gear crew going up the Amazon (yesterday’s news here!) is attracting much comment either way. As ever Amazon do exactly what they’re good at – getting clicks at a web-site – at whatever cost. Whether the forthcoming ex-Top Gear vids are popular or not is irrelevant.
Watched something called Crossing Lines last night. (It might have been recorded.) A shedload of ‘officers’ ? after one nutter. Loads of really hi-tech ‘equipment’. Plenty of dysfunctionality in the officers – at a time when our Police say that (general) law-enforcement is too costly to be carried-out. (There’s always the lottery!)

Thursday 30th July 2015.

Sunny but very cool this morning and a picture, taken a few days ago, of the nice parts of a local park. Across that field, by the river – once an almost idyllic walking spot – it’s now a no-go area because of the toxic plant life. (Channel-Tunnel Security folk might like to take note of that) But that park is pretty big, with easy-ride or walk paths – ideal for any OAP on foot or two wheels to safely exercise. Not far away is the canal tow-path, another flat off-road route to Radcliffe or Bury.
Noticed the snippet, in today’s MSM, that Clarkson, May and Hammond have ‘signed-up’ with Amazon (Prime) to do a few ‘video’s’. (A three-year contract) Okay. No problem with that and it will be interesting to see how the popular (we’re told) franchise fares in the Private ‘forum’. There it’s not really about the £ cost, it’s about whether media buying folk (oft struggling with mega present-day car-costs) can be arsed.
New Castle last night and now he’s become an almost ‘text-book’ US Private Eye after being banned from the offices of The NYPD. That way there can still be conflict between him and Becket (now Mrs Castle) as they catch killers. Soap is kept to a humorous minimum and the ‘baddies’ are nastily convincing. Yet another series is planned.
July 2015 is almost over and the daily out and abouts took us to see (and photograph) old buildings, engines from the steam-age, through very hot sun, freezing hail and soaking rain. Not to mention alien plant infestations and winds that can blow you off Elton Reservoir’s embankments.
All this within a mile or two of base and, even as the tenth year of business begins, at a profit.

Wednesday 29th July 2015.

Dry and fairly warm this morning for the tour of Radcliffe and Bury. Along the part road part cycle-route six miles or so, the hogweeds are now dying-back a bit while the Balsam comes-in to flower – a modest clump of it is pictured today. The recent (business!) purchase of a set of panniers, to hold a raincoat, is proving a boon against our summer rain and hail-storms! It’s also handy for carting frozen stuff from Iceland to home. The trick is to get back before the stuff thaws-out. Good keep-fit activity!
Strangely, today’s (Mail Online) picture of HRH Prince Charles in his Highgrove garden, has him next to what looks like a Hogweed!?! (Erm, he’s on the left)
After over the pond, bright lit rhinestoned, made-up wannabee’s; spectacular canyon scenery; temporary, a-list lifestyle, Radcliffe reality is an (expected) downer for some. For others the time to (virtually) catch-up with new, world-wide posted vids from all of the puzzling places – Egypt, Tiahuanako, Puma Punka, Gobli Tepi to name a few – is more than enough fodder for the brain. Plenty of the real thing there too, from El and J.C. and many, many more … even John C. Clark speaks his poetry in an advert on TV. Occasionally too, a few sunset sales keep even the OAP out of the red.
Years ago a few ignored voices spoke-up against the channel-tunnel as it could end-up being an easy Rabies-route from the continent. Sadly reality seems even worse …

Tuesday 28th July 2015.

Cold and rainless early-on but plenty of water going over the weir at Warth today. It’s fairly quiet along the roads too – schools are on holiday?
Another Lard v Oil article in the Mail, this time oil’s the cuprit, cook with lard! It’s like the Petrol v Diesel malarkey – a constantly changing battle to flog one or the other product. Ride a bike and eat a raw carrot and you really bugger ’em all up!
For those of us here just back from long-distance traveling it’s catch-up time on TV. So had to watch two new recorded episodes of Perception last night where the lunatic (college lecturer?!?) had to catch a hostage-taking killer. He was ‘assisted’ by a convicted killer that he helped abscond from death-row. And the long-distance traveler oft tells me that I’d love the good ole’ US of A! Even the NYPD of Castle is filmed in LA. But hey ho, at least Sharknado wasn’t on the catch-up list!

Monday 27th July 2015.

Rainy this morning and quite dull but still ‘busy’ along the local canal tow-paths. There are still four, nearly grown, cygnets.
A few articles in the MSM re the new pension payments and rules etc. Can’t possibly advise here but it does appear that many may get less not more as the ‘flat-rate-pension’ begins to kick-in. In some cases a lot less! As ever the best hedge for retirement may have been the simple long-term bank account. The more ‘remote’ the better perhaps!
One of those electoral role update forms to fill in. It’s not really a bother – just a date and a signature required. But I do hate the threat of a £1000.00p fine if I forget. I like to actually post the thing rather than infest and clog the ‘net with govern-mental garbage.
A good win for Froome and his team in Le Tour. But great rides by Quintana, Froome’s mate Geraint, the Bury Yates twins and the guy from the new African team. Without a team the overall win is nigh-on impossible. Quintana lost by just over a minute that’s all – on the final stages his pace-maker couldn’t keep up with him.
(Being twins the Bury guys could have easily won this Tour. One could have started – the other waiting hidden by the finish to sprint freshly out as the knackered Peloton appeared coming toward him! You read it here first!)
Watched Humans last night. This was next to last episode and so far it’s been more or less soap-free and original all the way through. As the end (if another series isn’t quickly cobbled due to popularity) nears even the synthe’s have basic characters. They’re up for destruction but is Mia (Anita) ‘carrying’ a hybrid? Anything is possible in this series!
Those govern-mental have ‘given-up on the Japanese Knotweed problem due to £1,500,000,000.00p cost’. Mmm … that might have cleared an acre or two! Again, it’s an ill wind …

Sunday 26th July 2015.

Dull but dry earlier for the out and abouter and quite a few were out on two wheels too. Warth in the pic today and the Hogweeds around it are dying back a bit. Pictures of Scottish Hogweeds – taken with an airborne drone as sending-in a human photographer was thought too dangerous (!?)- were manyfold in the Mail. And a local source informs us that Lake District vista’s were marred by the Hogweed acreages – Ambleside is rife with it!
A great Le Tour stage yesterday with Quintana narrowly missing-out on a Stage/Tour win by out-climbing the rest in the Alps. Froome held-on and was just about Tour winner. Just the finale of a Paris time-trial today as the various winners will be ‘shirted-up’. Yates twins from Bury did well.
Strangely, after a couple of weeks on American Food, a local traveler is back and quite obviously weighing less! (Burger intake will be increased!) Also strange is the fact that the regular camera, after its US tour, is again being used (the date is wrong on the pic) and ergo the text here is on the level once again. (It was indeed the ‘alignleft’ bit of html for the pics – one below sorted.)
Locally ASDA at Radcliffe got itself into the national (Mail Online) news yesterday. Apparently Father Christmas arrived early … and was photographed!

Saturday 25th July 2015.

Quite sunny this morning and, up at Bury, the Hogweeds by the viaduct are past their peek and the Himalayan Balsam is starting to flower. In the MSM (Mail Online) pictures of Hogweed infestations in Scotland were taken by drone as it was thought too dangerous to send-in human photographers! Posters, in the Mail, ask why councils don’t shift the weeds. The problem is that infestations are not all on council land. Some land is Privately owned, some is (say) Water-Board (United Utilities?) owned. And most owners, faced with a mega Hogweed eradication bill, try to ‘pass the buck’ if they can. The Hogweeds will die-off a bit now – but they’re still toxic. Don’t touch.
A great ride by last year’s Le Tour winner, Nibali, to take yesterday’s stage. Maybe Froome can keep his lead though, but you never know. Great TV pictures of the mountains (Alps).
Watched one of the old Avengers TV series last night. They are obviously well out-dated (from the sixties) by now. It’s strange seeing all the old cars and – ‘phones with wires on ’em!

Friday 24th July 2015.

Sunny this morning early-on but quiet downtown while out and about. Picture two is of a new bit of the new Metro car-park that’s already been bent!
Another mountain stage of Le Tour yesterday with a great ride by a little fancied winner. One of the winding uphill sections was awesome – and then a 50 to 70 mph descent – good stuff. Froome is looking good for a team win overall. Yates twins from Bury doing well too.
Watched an ‘old’ Endeavour (Morse) who-dun-it repeat last night – missed much of it the first time around. Young Morse (Shaun Evans) is good but pipe-smoking Thursday (his boss) should have a whole series with his collar up and his Trilby shading his face. Good but rather contrived plot that really only Endeavour could suss-out.

Thursday 23rd July 2015.

Dull but dry this morning and a bit of a breeze atop Daisyfield Greenway viaduct. To get up there you go up an access slope that’s maybe fifty to one hundred yards in length. It’s not therefore too steep. Some of the uphill bits of Le Tour stages are ten or more kilometers long and are say one in twelve or even ten steep! One such today (I think) is 24 kilometers long! Those were the days! (One of Le Tour commentators – Phil Liggett – is old acquaintance. He used to ride/race as an amateur around Cheshire lanes. He turned ‘pro but went into ‘media’ instead around 1965-1970. Good cyclist. Involved with Tour of Britain lately I think.)
Watched ‘new’ Castle last night and the episodes are still pretty original. Plenty of repeats on the various channels and Jord … may be repeated soon, could catch-up with it properly – I believe it’s good – but sub-titles?

Wednesday 22nd July 2015.

Drizzly rain this morning so not good for getting out and about – had to come back sharpish earlier when it rained more heavily. ‘New’ OAP’s are learning that the ‘new’, meatier, Old Age Pension of £148.00p flat isn’t what it seems. It’s still based on ni payments and many have ‘contracted out’ of paying higher rate stamp over the years. This disqualifies such folk from full pension amount. Cute eh? The election is over now, truths will out! I’m not sure, either, if the inflation-based yearly rise rule is unaffected by the new flat-rate pension. Time will tell. Gold may drop below $1,000.00c per ounce for first time in ages so, at the moment it seems, cash is king. Take care of it. Massive govern-mental financial ‘re-structuring’ may be on the way to cut the second highest in the world borrowing requirement! (Japan is tops!)
It was, yesterday, a rest day in Le Tour. (Grr!) But they’re back at it today and ‘up north’ around the Alps I believe. Were they ‘up north’ in England they’d have yard-wide (or non-existent) pot-hole infested cycle-lanes and virulent Giant Hogweed to contend with – not to mention the weather!
Mmmm … Today’s pic is one taken a few days ago with a Canon camera. Notice that the text starts level with the top of the pic. The pic yesterday (and a few others) were taken with a different camera and the text starts level with the bottom of the pic. ??!?? Not that it really matters!
New Castle tonight. Watched a bit of ‘Zombie Shark’ last night but had to forgo – the effects were too much. And Sharknado III very soon I believe. With films of this standard becoming of cult status perhaps I should venture a new media genre?