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Monday 31st August 2015.

Rainy this morning and so a walk to Radcliffe and back (saw no buses) for a few bits and bats. Very warm. Pictured is the barrow along Blackburn Street.
Renewal work, in Radcliffe town-centre, is proceeding around the car-park and bus-station.
Shifted another ‘dwarf’ conifer yesterday. Well, twenty years ago they told us it was a ‘dwarf’.
Watched that Big Blue thingy again yesterday and, it being the last one, they got live footage of a Blue Whale just off Monterey Bay, North West USA. It was okay, but really just Blue Peter on boats. There’s an ITV Dinosaur programme tonight at nine featuring Dino’s from the UK. The CGI stuff, as a result, may be decidedly iffy.
September tomorrow!

Sunday 30th August 2015.

Bank Holiday weekend and thus I think the steamers will be operating from Bury South (Bolton Street). Picture today taken earlier this month.
Cool but dry this morning and okay for out and abouting – was passed by several members of a bike-club (Bury CTC?) along Bolton Road. Some tasty bikes! Expensive though.
Watched Days of Future Past (? I think it’s called that) last night as there was ‘nowt on’telly’ and, apart from twenty minutes in the middle of it, I was awake for the whole film. It was that good.
A new James Bond novel is entitled ‘Trigger Mortis’ or are they just having a laff?
And one of the Bake-Off chefs is featured in the msm cooking road-kill – apparently he finds it while out and about on his bike …

Saturday 29th August 2015.

Cool but clear this morning and the road-up along Bury Road is gone. Unusually a couple of swans spotted on the Irwell at Daisyfield. Nearby the Hogweeds have left a bare patch by the footbridge – until next year. It’s Balsam time at the moment. It’s everywhere.
Watched the final part of that tv BBQ contest. Adam Richmond, of Man v Food fame, was judging the up-market BBQ stuff and the portions were tiny! He’ll be glad to get back home. Some trendy Gunnera spotted in the greenery of the grounds where filming took place.
Person of Interest (recorded) is so complicated it’s nigh-on unwatchable. Everyone has a badge and a gun.
Bake-Off is another tv food contest. It’s very popular (it seems) but my, all that Gluten and stuff. It helps sell appliances and kitchens; so an ill wind (again!).
Grass needs cutting.

Friday 28th August 2015.

Rainy this morning but out and about just the same. Pic (of mainly Japanese Knotweed) taken earlier this month.
This morning it’s reported that J. Clarkson will be getting £30,000,000.00p, over the three contract years, from Amazon. I can’t help wondering what he’ll actually do for that kind of money. Unless of course Amazon just want a negative slant to their ins and outs. Or do folk still buy DVD’s? Of silly japes with silly cars? Folk that can afford high-end cars might prefer actually driving them rather than watching DVD’s about them too. But time will tell.
Watched Big Blue (is it?) on the beeb I think. (It was recorded) About (this episode) Hump Back Whales in Monterey Bay on the north-west USA coast. Plenty of talking-heads and some shots of the whales but after half an hour it got boring. It was The Canal Trip with whales and a few sea lions and two sea otters. Great to see the wild-life flourishing again (Hump Backs were nearly hunted to extinction a few years back) but repetitive after a while. No mention, as far as I heard, of global-warming, so that was a first for a beeb wildlife show
Meanwhile they’re eating squirrel on another show!
The eu is readying the print-presses for some more euro’s. All China’s fault they say … as another £30,000,000,000.00p is wiped-off UK stocks.
How cheap is Squirrel?

Thursday 27th August 2015.

Cooler and breezier this morning but dry and fairly sunny for getting out and about. Picture, today, taken yesterday afternoon by the wharf. Still four (now large!) cygnets.
New Castle last night was part two of a cliff-hangered double with Becket strapped onto the slab and a psycho plastic-surgeoness ready to ‘operate’ on her face with a scalpel! Castle was trapped with 3x – murdering male psycho with a gun – unable to do anything … natch they got out of it easily and unscathed; both psycho’s terminated. NYPD boss puts Castle back onto Becket’s homicide team.
At last Corbyn’s ‘wealth-creation’ mode (money-printing) is obfuscatingly revealed. Anything but ‘work’ – no one will vote for that! At the other end of the see-saw, someone ‘financial’ loads-up the roller-coaster carriage and advises: ignore China and ‘buy now’. In both cases folk are easily swayed …
And soon even more ex-wannabe’s will require John West’s packers to fit ’em into the upper house!

Wednesday 26th August 2015.

Rainy this morning but a speedy out and about done regardless. Picture was taken a few days ago at Warth. It’s old news but the road surfaces, on the out and about main route, are really bad. Especially, it seems, on the bit by the kerb where two wheels generally roll.
Stories arising from the Chinese financial ‘correction’ abound again. Some folk, it seems, have actually borrowed to ‘invest’. Some will be oap’s with ‘pension plans’ – many of which are simply stock-market gambles.
There’s msm chat about Benedict’s stage role. Mmmm … have you ever read anything by The Bard? Can’t make head nor tail of it. (Can’t really criticize – at least he gets visitors at that theatre!)
Austerity is a common bye-word lately. Here we usually work it off!

Tuesday 25th August 2015.

A bit nippy this morning, but that’s okay when pedaling – after a mile or so you’re warmed-up anyway. One of the paths, sometimes on the route, is well infested with the Balsam which is at its peak about now. Blooms on the Knotweed too, along the same path. Ideal weather, really, for an early out and about.
The huge Chinese financial ‘correction’ (still going-on it seems with another £75,000,000,000.00p wiped-off stocks) will, it’s feared, affect our pension funds. Bang goes yer money! (Again?)
Oil, per barrel, is dirt cheap – J. Clarkson buys a £250,000.00p car – before J. Corbyn gets chance to bring-in the maximum wage! Talk about (un)reality shows! (They do, Kim has highest number of virtual followers at the moment) Holiday bookings etc., at Blackpool, up by 70% this year. Of course. Everywhere abroad is a war-zone or migrant squat. (Just watch the water – the eu says it’s crap – well, some of it!)
But hey ho, with two wheels and a well-stuffed mattress you can easily dodge costly pot-holes and save; even take a look at the golden Big One, as it slowly coasts down to a new rides beginning on its never-ending loop.
Watched recorded Person of Interest(s) last night. Never-ending gun-play, limitless wi-fi and virtual stuff, a car write-off bill that would shame even Jeremy and the gang, yet (apparently?) no wages or $income from anywhere. But, in the repeated Castles, Becket has got her badge (and salary?) back after a foray into all things potty with The Feds.

Monday 24th August 2015.

Dull earlier, but it brightened during the out and about and it’s quite fine and sunny now. There’s very low wind and the higher clouds are virtually still – lower clouds just hanging there, not too warm but with cool fresh air … so fine weather for a bit perhaps? Not that hard predicting weather is it? I might even get a job at the beeb, now they’ve ditched the old Met. Office! Picture today was taken a few days ago. The plants do enliven that derelict plot next to that derelict pub along Water Street opposite the derelict canal.
A pension company has calculated that to have a state-pension of £150.00 per week (as envisaged) privately, you’d need a fund of £250,000.00p.
Watched the Cowboy Castle (again) last night and NYPD mingled well with the old West. Totally contrived and corny but the detection was still there and paramount – they were after a killer. Later watched The Avengers (II) (No, not Steed and Peel – unfortunately). A relative (who is knowledgeable on modern films, particularly of the sy-fy/horror/rubbish variety) had said that this film was ‘dead good’. O.K. (At one point all of the Avenger-folk seemed to be fighting each other) Mind you, I thought The Canal Trip, that silent hour and a half barging a leafy southern waterway, was fast-moving! (N.B., Sharknado has a cult following!)
Meanwhile a gardening job awaits. A meteorological prediction pole, holding a thermometer, water-collector (rainfall measure), wind-speed indicator and a wind direction arrow, has blown over in recent strong winds across the back yard. Mmm … never saw that coming …

Sunday 23rd August 2015.

Sunny and warm this morning after the thunder and lightning last night – Bury Road is strewn with fallen tree-branches again, take care if driving or riding along there. Set of temporary lights too, while they repair a bit of road surface (?). Quiet though along Bolton Road – pic two today. First pic is of course clear Radcliffe greenery pictured from Daisyfield.
Noise, on the roads, isn’t something you really notice. But try a ride along the local Nature Trail to the motorway foot-bridge around Prestwich. As you approach the bridge, at whatever time, the incessant hum heard from at least half a mile away slowly grows in volume until it’s overpowering. You can’t hear yourself speak as you cross the bridge, or even stand by its entrance. The car-noise is deafening.
Yet sit inside any moving car and you won’t hear a thing. Similarly, when out and about of a morning, the noise of even one car can be heard well before the car passes you. And some are far more noisy than others – some extremely noisy. But the worst and loudest sound along a road is the deafening siren-scream of an ambulance. Lately these are so loud you have to cover your ears lest they get damaged and you need medical treatment!
Presently, the on-going political leadership ‘contest’ is an embarrassment even to those entitled to comment and indeed vote in that contest. The ‘front-runner’ in this political trial of strength is a seemingly puny old guy, dressed by oxfam, who has a simple, no-nonsense, left-wing political stance. In today’s politics this is refreshingly ‘new’ – but not really new – it’s all been done before (to our immense cost actually!).
But right now the deficit-lowering wannabe’s are in power and many morning out and abouts reveal modern, trendy, very expensive, carbon-fibre bikes – as used in up-market sporting (and A listingly social) events like The Tour de France – on our presently affluent seeming roads. No problem. Fancy helmets and a few 700c inner-tubes and fancy Lugarno tyres can be procured and indeed fitted, ahem, professionally.
Bets can be hedged though with a few old Dunlop inners and outers being stocked, for sit-up-and-beg old Raleigh ‘work-bikes’, (forlorn and dusty right now) and should the unthinkable happen increased flat-cap demand, rather than helmets, will doubtless allow us to forge ahead regardless of prevailing political dogma.
It’s an ill wind.
And great being a nobody.

Saturday 22nd August 2015.

Very un-decided weather again so a quick out and about done. The picture today – showing the border, at Warth Bridge, of Radcliffe/Bury – was taken earlier this month. Quiet roads this morning, it being Saturday, and an easy ride.
Apparently, in July, the tax-man raked-in more than went out. (MSM today) For the first time in over three years. Last year, at the same time, they (the public lot) borrowed umpteen £billion. Perform like that in the Private and you’re history after a week or two! But hey ho, it’s something for them to ponder over – you know, how it actually occurred – because if they knew they’d do it all the time!
Meanwhile £billions are wiped-off FTSE index. And oil drops even lower … great for me bike chain!
Was at Youtube for a while yesterday. Listening to a few ‘oldies’. Noticed a ‘new’ album. Elvis – backed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra. One track is at Youtube as a teaser – If I can Dream. Recorded in 1968 the song is already iconic, but The London Phil’ attempt to ‘improve’ and impress. They fail. Badly imo. Another track – (at YT but not, I think, on this ‘new’ album) of a 1954/55 Elvis, backed by his and Scotty’s guitars and Bill’s stand-up string bass alone and performing I love you because – is made ‘interesting’ by his daughter, Lisa, joining him vocally with a verse or two of the song. Elvis recorded this before the term ‘pop-star’ was coined. Lisa sings a kind of harmony. Her voice doesn’t improve or detract from the original. It just gives another ‘take’ on an old ‘country’ song. Nice. Better though if she’d had a go at the song on her own – with Scotty perhaps? Meanwhile The London Phil’ could make an album of their own – A Million Miles from Memphis! – should go down a bomb!