Saturday 22nd August 2015.

Very un-decided weather again so a quick out and about done. The picture today – showing the border, at Warth Bridge, of Radcliffe/Bury – was taken earlier this month. Quiet roads this morning, it being Saturday, and an easy ride.
Apparently, in July, the tax-man raked-in more than went out. (MSM today) For the first time in over three years. Last year, at the same time, they (the public lot) borrowed umpteen ¬£billion. Perform like that in the Private and you’re history after a week or two! But hey ho, it’s something for them to ponder over – you know, how it actually occurred – because if they knew they’d do it all the time!
Meanwhile ¬£billions are wiped-off FTSE index. And oil drops even lower … great for me bike chain!
Was at Youtube for a while yesterday. Listening to a few ‘oldies’. Noticed a ‘new’ album. Elvis – backed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra. One track is at Youtube as a teaser – If I can Dream. Recorded in 1968 the song is already iconic, but The London Phil’ attempt to ‘improve’ and impress. They fail. Badly imo. Another track – (at YT but not, I think, on this ‘new’ album) of a 1954/55 Elvis, backed by his and Scotty’s guitars and Bill’s stand-up string bass alone and performing I love you because – is made ‘interesting’ by his daughter, Lisa, joining him vocally with a verse or two of the song. Elvis recorded this before the term ‘pop-star’ was coined. Lisa sings a kind of harmony. Her voice doesn’t improve or detract from the original. It just gives another ‘take’ on an old ‘country’ song. Nice. Better though if she’d had a go at the song on her own – with Scotty perhaps? Meanwhile The London Phil’ could make an album of their own – A Million Miles from Memphis! – should go down a bomb!

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