Sunday 23rd August 2015.

Sunny and warm this morning after the thunder and lightning last night – Bury Road is strewn with fallen tree-branches again, take care if driving or riding along there. Set of temporary lights too, while they repair a bit of road surface (?). Quiet though along Bolton Road – pic two today. First pic is of course clear Radcliffe greenery pictured from Daisyfield.
Noise, on the roads, isn’t something you really notice. But try a ride along the local Nature Trail to the motorway foot-bridge around Prestwich. As you approach the bridge, at whatever time, the incessant hum heard from at least half a mile away slowly grows in volume until it’s overpowering. You can’t hear yourself speak as you cross the bridge, or even stand by its entrance. The car-noise is deafening.
Yet sit inside any moving car and you won’t hear a thing. Similarly, when out and about of a morning, the noise of even one car can be heard well before the car passes you. And some are far more noisy than others – some extremely noisy. But the worst and loudest sound along a road is the deafening siren-scream of an ambulance. Lately these are so loud you have to cover your ears lest they get damaged and you need medical treatment!
Presently, the on-going political leadership ‘contest’ is an embarrassment even to those entitled to comment and indeed vote in that contest. The ‘front-runner’ in this political trial of strength is a seemingly puny old guy, dressed by oxfam, who has a simple, no-nonsense, left-wing political stance. In today’s politics this is refreshingly ‘new’ – but not really new – it’s all been done before (to our immense cost actually!).
But right now the deficit-lowering wannabe’s are in power and many morning out and abouts reveal modern, trendy, very expensive, carbon-fibre bikes – as used in up-market sporting (and A listingly social) events like The Tour de France – on our presently affluent seeming roads. No problem. Fancy helmets and a few 700c inner-tubes and fancy Lugarno tyres can be procured and indeed fitted, ahem, professionally.
Bets can be hedged though with a few old Dunlop inners and outers being stocked, for sit-up-and-beg old Raleigh ‘work-bikes’, (forlorn and dusty right now) and should the unthinkable happen increased flat-cap demand, rather than helmets, will doubtless allow us to forge ahead regardless of prevailing political dogma.
It’s an ill wind.
And great being a nobody.

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