Monday 24th August 2015.

Dull earlier, but it brightened during the out and about and it’s quite fine and sunny now. There’s very low wind and the higher clouds are virtually still – lower clouds just hanging there, not too warm but with cool fresh air … so fine weather for a bit perhaps? Not that hard predicting weather is it? I might even get a job at the beeb, now they’ve ditched the old Met. Office! Picture today was taken a few days ago. The plants do enliven that derelict plot next to that derelict pub along Water Street opposite the derelict canal.
A pension company has calculated that to have a state-pension of £150.00 per week (as envisaged) privately, you’d need a fund of £250,000.00p.
Watched the Cowboy Castle (again) last night and NYPD mingled well with the old West. Totally contrived and corny but the detection was still there and paramount – they were after a killer. Later watched The Avengers (II) (No, not Steed and Peel – unfortunately). A relative (who is knowledgeable on modern films, particularly of the sy-fy/horror/rubbish variety) had said that this film was ‘dead good’. O.K. (At one point all of the Avenger-folk seemed to be fighting each other) Mind you, I thought The Canal Trip, that silent hour and a half barging a leafy southern waterway, was fast-moving! (N.B., Sharknado has a cult following!)
Meanwhile a gardening job awaits. A meteorological prediction pole, holding a thermometer, water-collector (rainfall measure), wind-speed indicator and a wind direction arrow, has blown over in recent strong winds across the back yard. Mmm … never saw that coming …

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