Tuesday 25th August 2015.

A bit nippy this morning, but that’s okay when pedaling – after a mile or so you’re warmed-up anyway. One of the paths, sometimes on the route, is well infested with the Balsam which is at its peak about now. Blooms on the Knotweed too, along the same path. Ideal weather, really, for an early out and about.
The huge Chinese financial ‘correction’ (still going-on it seems with another £75,000,000,000.00p wiped-off stocks) will, it’s feared, affect our pension funds. Bang goes yer money! (Again?)
Oil, per barrel, is dirt cheap – J. Clarkson buys a £250,000.00p car – before J. Corbyn gets chance to bring-in the maximum wage! Talk about (un)reality shows! (They do, Kim has highest number of virtual followers at the moment) Holiday bookings etc., at Blackpool, up by 70% this year. Of course. Everywhere abroad is a war-zone or migrant squat. (Just watch the water – the eu says it’s crap – well, some of it!)
But hey ho, with two wheels and a well-stuffed mattress you can easily dodge costly pot-holes and save; even take a look at the golden Big One, as it slowly coasts down to a new rides beginning on its never-ending loop.
Watched recorded Person of Interest(s) last night. Never-ending gun-play, limitless wi-fi and virtual stuff, a car write-off bill that would shame even Jeremy and the gang, yet (apparently?) no wages or $income from anywhere. But, in the repeated Castles, Becket has got her badge (and salary?) back after a foray into all things potty with The Feds.

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