Wednesday 26th August 2015.

Rainy this morning but a speedy out and about done regardless. Picture was taken a few days ago at Warth. It’s old news but the road surfaces, on the out and about main route, are really bad. Especially, it seems, on the bit by the kerb where two wheels generally roll.
Stories arising from the Chinese financial ‘correction’ abound again. Some folk, it seems, have actually borrowed to ‘invest’. Some will be oap’s with ‘pension plans’ – many of which are simply stock-market gambles.
There’s msm chat about Benedict’s stage role. Mmmm … have you ever read anything by The Bard? Can’t make head nor tail of it. (Can’t really criticize – at least he gets visitors at that theatre!)
Austerity is a common bye-word lately. Here we usually work it off!

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