Thursday 27th August 2015.

Cooler and breezier this morning but dry and fairly sunny for getting out and about. Picture, today, taken yesterday afternoon by the wharf. Still four (now large!) cygnets.
New Castle last night was part two of a cliff-hangered double with Becket strapped onto the slab and a psycho plastic-surgeoness ready to ‘operate’ on her face with a scalpel! Castle was trapped with 3x – murdering male psycho with a gun – unable to do anything … natch they got out of it easily and unscathed; both psycho’s terminated. NYPD boss puts Castle back onto Becket’s homicide team.
At last Corbyn’s ‘wealth-creation’ mode (money-printing) is obfuscatingly revealed. Anything but ‘work’ – no one will vote for that! At the other end of the see-saw, someone ‘financial’ loads-up the roller-coaster carriage and advises: ignore China and ‘buy now’. In both cases folk are easily swayed …
And soon even more ex-wannabe’s will require John West’s packers to fit ’em into the upper house!

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