Friday 28th August 2015.

Rainy this morning but out and about just the same. Pic (of mainly Japanese Knotweed) taken earlier this month.
This morning it’s reported that J. Clarkson will be getting £30,000,000.00p, over the three contract years, from Amazon. I can’t help wondering what he’ll actually do for that kind of money. Unless of course Amazon just want a negative slant to their ins and outs. Or do folk still buy DVD’s? Of silly japes with silly cars? Folk that can afford high-end cars might prefer actually driving them rather than watching DVD’s about them too. But time will tell.
Watched Big Blue (is it?) on the beeb I think. (It was recorded) About (this episode) Hump Back Whales in Monterey Bay on the north-west USA coast. Plenty of talking-heads and some shots of the whales but after half an hour it got boring. It was The Canal Trip with whales and a few sea lions and two sea otters. Great to see the wild-life flourishing again (Hump Backs were nearly hunted to extinction a few years back) but repetitive after a while. No mention, as far as I heard, of global-warming, so that was a first for a beeb wildlife show
Meanwhile they’re eating squirrel on another show!
The eu is readying the print-presses for some more euro’s. All China’s fault they say … as another £30,000,000,000.00p is wiped-off UK stocks.
How cheap is Squirrel?

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