Saturday 29th August 2015.

Cool but clear this morning and the road-up along Bury Road is gone. Unusually a couple of swans spotted on the Irwell at Daisyfield. Nearby the Hogweeds have left a bare patch by the footbridge – until next year. It’s Balsam time at the moment. It’s everywhere.
Watched the final part of that tv BBQ contest. Adam Richmond, of Man v Food fame, was judging the up-market BBQ stuff and the portions were tiny! He’ll be glad to get back home. Some trendy Gunnera spotted in the greenery of the grounds where filming took place.
Person of Interest (recorded) is so complicated it’s nigh-on unwatchable. Everyone has a badge and a gun.
Bake-Off is another tv food contest. It’s very popular (it seems) but my, all that Gluten and stuff. It helps sell appliances and kitchens; so an ill wind (again!).
Grass needs cutting.

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