Sunday 30th August 2015.

Bank Holiday weekend and thus I think the steamers will be operating from Bury South (Bolton Street). Picture today taken earlier this month.
Cool but dry this morning and okay for out and abouting – was passed by several members of a bike-club (Bury CTC?) along Bolton Road. Some tasty bikes! Expensive though.
Watched Days of Future Past (? I think it’s called that) last night as there was ‘nowt on’telly’ and, apart from twenty minutes in the middle of it, I was awake for the whole film. It was that good.
A new James Bond novel is entitled ‘Trigger Mortis’ or are they just having a laff?
And one of the Bake-Off chefs is featured in the msm cooking road-kill – apparently he finds it while out and about on his bike …

2 thoughts on “Sunday 30th August 2015.

  1. Anthem

    There was an attempt to make the road-kill fodder a cookery programme a few years ago but I don’t think it ever really caught on.

    Sending the badger you just found for TB testing prior to cooking and eating it doesn’t really appeal unless you’re really tired of popping down to Lidl and picking up a (cheaper by this stage) steak or two.


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