Monday 31st August 2015.

Rainy this morning and so a walk to Radcliffe and back (saw no buses) for a few bits and bats. Very warm. Pictured is the barrow along Blackburn Street.
Renewal work, in Radcliffe town-centre, is proceeding around the car-park and bus-station.
Shifted another ‘dwarf’ conifer yesterday. Well, twenty years ago they told us it was a ‘dwarf’.
Watched that Big Blue thingy again yesterday and, it being the last one, they got live footage of a Blue Whale just off Monterey Bay, North West USA. It was okay, but really just Blue Peter on boats. There’s an ITV Dinosaur programme tonight at nine featuring Dino’s from the UK. The CGI stuff, as a result, may be decidedly iffy.
September tomorrow!

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