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Friday 21st August 2015.

Rain this morning so a non-stop out and about at Tour de France speed. Well, nearly. Picture (Monkey Bridge) taken a few days ago when the sun shone for a minute. Ten mph is the average nowadays and that’s with seven pounds added (a rain coat handicap?) in me saddle bags.
An interesting story of nazi (stolen!!) gold in old train carriages in a dis-used Polish railway tunnel, in the msm lately – might make a reasonable short-story … oh …
And apparently £1,500,000,000.00p is spent nowadays by those over fifty in order to improve fitness etc. Mmmm … 1% of that would enhance the OAPension and no mistake! Mrs C blows that running around shops buying things in order to keep fit?!
Dementia, though, I read, is 25% down lately… (where was I?). Mind you the Brain can be exercised by figuring-out how to survive on a pension, and by keeping the transport on the bike-route at a profit!
Watched recorded Crossing Lines last night. Some of these tales are a bit tall for me – bank robbers, hostages, and they weren’t even robbing the bank! They were freeing a convict, via sewers and a tunnel, from a nearby nick. Soap is beginning to creep into this one which slows everything down. But (a subdued) Oddball (D. Sutherland, OAP – Kelly’s Heroes – after nazi (stolen!) gold!) is in it and doing fine – all that acting graft must keep him very fit!
The Zoo is weird. But a watcher nearby says it gets weirder. (And it’s not been on yet!)

Thursday 20th August 2015.

A touch of rain in the air but okay for an early circuit of Radcliffe and Bury. Had to stop at the level-crossing – shunting going-on.
Some of these engines are nearly as old as my transport!
A worker, not a million miles away, was ecstatic when tax threshold was raised at the budget (was it?) thus lifting her out of tax. Sadly, from April, minimal-wage goes-up putting her back into it!
Watched a great new Castle last night. The return of 3x – a nasty serial-killer. A huge cliff-hanger at the end as it’s a two-parter, the second, final part next week. Becket is hypo-d comatoze and carted-off in a wheel-chair …
Watched a recorded Zoo where male lions attack leading man, who’s just found a blond model in the jungle, and, as his Land-Rover breaks down they have to leave it and walk through lion infested tall grass. Then a shed-load of ordinary cats get up a tree together. Soap? Yep – Emmerdale with shots of lions roaring. It’s part written by James Patterson – his Cross stories are better.
Plain-packaging for ciggies somewhere abroad is followed by a a 5% rise in sales! House prices, rail-fares, are all up alarmingly yet they say inflation isn’t rising …

Wednesday 19th August 2015.

Warm and quite bright earlier and getting out for an hour was dry and easy. Read (at his blog) later that a certain mep with the initials R.H. is having a go at reading Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. Personally I’d make the book mandatory reading for those in, or wishing to take up, politics – and, possibly, kids at schools soon to leave for the world of work outside and pondering ‘direction’ perhaps. The Fountainhead, by the same author, is also good and far shorter! Ayn Rand wrote years ago but her message is ever relevant – as, even after a few pages our mep says, he is finding out!
Today’s picture was taken along the Daisyfield Greenway (as the council called it) and the greenery does indeed close in a bit around this time of year. It’s jungle-like along there! As tree-enclosed tarmac approaches and darkens around you it’s like opening and reading a so far un-read book – things change, a little, daily. For a short walk or bike-ride it’s ideal and, despite apparent seclusion, only minutes from main roads!
New Castle tonight, but, for some reason the sky-box won’t switch-on …

Monday 17th August 2015.

Cooler and rather dull this morning but a dry out and about and it’s not often that you see a rabbit reading a route-side info’ plaque!? But hey ho …
The leadership election thingy ever amuses. One pundit advises all three younger wannabes to withdraw so that the ‘contest’ can be closed-down. And a ‘company’ started-up by entrepreneur wannabe James Middleton has lost near £250,000.00p in two years. Meanwhile Jessica Alba’s ‘Honesty’ (who?) gets a $ value of $1.7 billion. So, one of ’em is flogging the wrong horse eh? Who needs a £30,000.00p student degree loan to figure that one out? (Perhaps poor James will marry (or inherit) well).
An ex-pm was orating too on tv. Waffle. Yet, unbelievably, there was an ‘audience’!
In the real world bike-tyres are pumped-up a bit and flat-caps are churned for the masses.
I prefer to use home-spun material, both written and pictured, here. And no adverts. But, from time to time, some things simply scream-out for inclusion …
… I mean, it’s years since he’s been on two wheels!

Sunday 16th August 2015.

Sunny this Sunday and really quiet while out and about. So quiet that, had they been a’turning, you would have heard swishing (?) windmills, on the hills over Bury, from Daisyfield!
There are still a few old chimneys around – from a time when if power was needed you generated it yourself. In another hundred years, maybe, folk will look at, perhaps photograph, wind-turbines as historical artefacts. Mmm … perhaps not! No wind today so perhaps someone somewhere fired-up an old diesel genny to keep kettles boiling and TV’s on.
Watched pc literate but rather dysfunctional ‘tecs in Crossing Lines on tv last night. Without a handy plug-socket they’d be lost – not to mention cars, planes helicopters and guns ad nauseum. Without easy-access power they’d be lost – and so would the perps they were after!
So best not knock the old chimneys down yet … we might need ’em!

Saturday 15th August 2015.

Dull but dry this morning, ideal for getting out and about around Radcliffe and Bury.
It’s been a busy week up at Bury South and a wisp of smoke in the distance meant another steamer getting ready to go.
They move pretty fast once steam’s up and this one took me by surprise!
Watched a few short ‘videos’ of such engines on Youtube – good stuff. Also a couple of Manchester, Bolton and Bury Canal work update vids are posted at oopart. They’re mainly about work being done at the old Little Lever locks and the heavily forested breach site is now pretty well clear of trees – some good pictures. More work will follow in September we’re told. It’s a good walk (or ride) from Water Street, Radcliffe, along the Bolton canal arm, to see the Meccano Bridge at Little Lever over the locks, but the tow-path along there does get muddy after Radcliffe rain. (Two to three miles I’d say)
Michelle Mone’s business ‘acumen’ came into question this morning in the MSM – her ‘business’ may not quite be as it seems – her hiring by the pm then, as some kind of ‘motivator’ (?), dubious to say the least. (I believe Mrs Mone would be ‘motivating’ for free – a bad example for a start surely!) Try any OAP Mr. C. You get certain skills living on a state pension. Or freeze and starve – which is great motivation!

Friday 14th August 2015.

Pouring-down this morning and the decision to forgo exercise (and the resulting, life-threatening weight-gain and high cholesterol) was balanced against getting pneumonia by going out in the rain. No contest – it’s a picture from May, this year, today.
A trailer for the new Dad’s Army film, that’s out now, (I think) in the MSM and an immediate smile or two at actor Gambon’s camouflage in the clip. The tv series was legendary with great actors of the time. Sometimes though a film can’t quite replicate the humour no matter how hard they try. From another tv hit, On The Buses, the actor that (uniquely? and humorously) played Blakey has died.
As rain deluges the UK once again, a group of scantily-clad male and female models parade London (again, I think) to advertise a sun-lotion!
Great Britain at its best!

Thursday 13th August 2015.

Very warm and sunny by Radcliffe Wharf yesterday afternoon but today is far cooler and, they say, rain is expected. Mind you they also said ‘shooting-stars’ but there was nothing last night.
This morning noticed a wisp of steam … in the distance, and,
This one is just awesome. I often wonder what it would cost to put a barge at the wharf … I mean, if they can do-up a steamer like this one, surely an old boat would be easy?
Plenty of leafy trees stretching along and over the Greenway – it was almost dark there this morning.
Watched a bit of Bake Off last night while awaiting new Castle. I’m not really a fan but the programme is very effective – new cooker and kitchen appliance sales are over 40% up since the show started! Castle was good as usual.
Don’t like to ‘advertise’ anything or anyone political, but the imminent leadership election (with a pensioner favourite?) is farcical. Might even see a coal-barge if he is elected …

Wednesday 12th August 2015.

Sunny and much fresher this morning – ideal for getting out and about without over-heating! Some shunting going-on at Bury South. Not steam but still very watch-able as the coach and engine rolled past … then stopped for a ‘close-up’.
Machinery eh?
Watched old Mulder in something else last night. Nuff said. And Gerry finally left New Tricks for a Mustang and the open-roads of the US. It was good but lately very contrived – especially this ‘story’. The baddies are all of a type – 1970’s bling encrusted. (Reminds me of guys in an old pub – long-gone now I think – along Charlestown Road, what was it called? … ) Good actors though, especially Amanda. Her ‘replacement’ got shot last night. New Castle tonight – his poker ‘mate’ Patterson writes a mean tale too. One such on TV soon – The Zoo. Another features kids with wings – I gave that one a miss – but Alex Cross is reasonable so far …