Monthly Archives: September 2015

Wednesday 30th September 2015.

Cold this morning with an east wind. As was, I understand, a certain political party get-together recently! But hey ho, leave ’em to it, it all keeps ’em quietly occupied.
Okay for out and abouting and, from the canal access path by Hinds Lane, the route along Hinds Lane to Daisyfield Greenway was ‘video’d’. It’s well overgrown at the moment; trees encroaching over the tow-path, so take care if along there on two wheels.
There’s still plenty of moaning, in the msm, about the ‘new’ OAPension payments. As ever it’s a minefield of rules and regulations – things the new OAPension was supposed to get rid of.
‘Equity Release’ – when you take money from folk using your home as ‘equity’ is also highlighted. It’s no more than an interest-charging cash loan so be careful – it can cost dear as one OAP couple are finding out.
Swans okay and at Radcliffe Wharf yesterday afternoon – the final September pic of 2015. October tomorrow!

Tuesday 29th September 2015.

Cold but dry this morning and a three year old pic of the Radcliffe end of Elton Reservoir that FB have somehow resurrected – I deleted the lot ages ago.
Plenty in the msm about the moon, Mars, the Solar Wind and Corbynomics. All this kind of stuff is great (yeah right) but look what it all does for the competitive price of UK steel – precisely nothing – so Redcar closes. Yet, with only one arterial-road supporting bridge crossing over the canal in Radcliffe, a few bits of bridge-shaped steel, here and there, would really help traffic at rush hours. If higher than canal floating barges a ‘new’, cost effective(?), Bury/Manchester route opens up. Slow yes, but not as slow as traffic stuck at the Town Hall lights!

Monday 28th September 2015.

My! Now there’s a well-clipped hedge!
Cold this morning but dry, sunny and okay for getting out and about. Traffic was chocca up Bury, dunno why.
Watched what I thought was an ultra-long Planet of the Apes film last night on tv. Realised later that the last hour was a documentary film about Homo Naledi. (Things kind of merge when you’re getting-on a bit) They’ve found umpteen prehistoric skeletal remains (new species?) in a South African cave. Natch the folk finding the remains describe it all as ‘of vital, global, earth-shattering importance’ but the documentary was, in the main, about the folk finding the remains and getting them out of that cave rather than being about Homo Naledi – who, as yet, they know absolutely nothing other than he’s of the human rather than ape evolutionary line. Of interest to money-hungry OAP’s, perhaps, was the sheer number of folk involved with the hour long video … and its eventual sale (to a tv company) for a profit … ?
Certain non-OAP’s! got up in the middle of the night to look at the moon.

Sunday 27th September 2015.

Cold but windless this morning and along the Irwell Hogweed skeletons line almost primeval river-banks toward Radcliffe. Turn around, toward Bury, and it’s all industrial with Wellington Street Viaduct looming in the sun.
Along the footbridge, over Wellington Street, and the viaduct (part of Daisyfield Greenway) is reached by going up a steep, but ridable, access slope. Good training for the over 65’s! The rough footpath, leading down to the footbridge, is overgrown with Balsam, Knotweed and, today, horse-muck but the valley bottom is still just about photogenic.
A couple more R.B.V’s (really boring video’s) on the Movie Page. Like the bbc’s Canal Trip there are no commentators, but unlike the bbc’s work, these are free to watch and cost bobbins to produce, and, as basic route guides, (?) are slightly useful.

Saturday 26th September 2015.

Fine weather this morning and an out and about to a park not far away. The journey around the park was quite long so it’s in two parts. But, for Giant Hogweed fans, the middle part, (published soon as Video9) may be more interesting perhaps …
Hope the walking trio, encountered yesterday, made it along the old bits of Withins Lane, past Withins Reservoir, to turn left (for Black Lane) at the farm lane T junction (by the Radcliffe end of Elton Reservoir). There are other, minor, tracks and footpaths around there and it can be tricky – just stay on Withins (past CT Farm) until at the main farm lane. Then Salisbury Road (I’m told) leads to Moss Shaw lanes. Check-out oopart for local walking routes/landmarks etc.
Swans ok along canal earlier.
Some forestry work going on here at the moment. Spiders everywhere …

Friday 25th September 2015.

Dry this morning and again 13065 was getting steam up at Bury South as HS2 contracts were bandied about in China. Here, salary for ‘boss’ of this project is £750,000.00p per annum. Not bad for a clerk eh? To keep (two wheeled) transport on the road here, financial logic has been discarded for a frigging wand!
Strangely it works better. But, even stranger (and funnier) is – Corbynomics – you just need a bigger wand.
More cajoling, in msm, for OAP’s to give their houses away – amid report articles informing that many, many over 50’s, indeed over 65’s, are still hard at it in work! So the term OAP may be redundant and upsizing, rather than downsizing, on the cards!
Here, it being (day-off) Friday, a couple of seventies Elvis groupies assemble downstairs before the widescreen plasma (you do need a big house – no downsizing!) to watch a DVD featuring oldie songs re-done by youngish wannabe’s. Old hat? Oh yes. Before they could watch they had to find a DVD player. Talk about oopart!

Thursday 24th September 2015.

Throwing it down earlier but ok now and a windy (14 mph software tells me) but dry five or six miles done locally. Photo was taken yesterday afternoon at Radcliffe wharf where the cygnets are doing fine.
There’s still some silly talk in msm that seems to be encouraging OAP’s to sell-up and downsize. Natch this may be ‘funded’ by estate-agents, solicitors and surveyors whose fees probably prevent most house sales. Then again, with no houses to buy, (the problem this is supposed to solve) where the hell can OAP’s move to? The only OAP’s I know (locally) that sold-up and moved actually upsized!
Michelle Mone has deferred dependence upon her own to the public mammary. They’re ferrying her about in a Jag? while she susses-out what’s wrong with business – lucky there, it could have been a Volkswagen!
New Castle, last night, was as usual okay. The two Beckett assistants, Ryan and Esposito, character-wise, remind me of the two gophers? rodents? that accompany the female mammoth in the Ice Age films. Especially last night when they were dancing. (Two good actors really)
A new three-parter – about exorcisms(?) – looked okay too but was sleep inducing … a few scary tricks with the cameras – probably soap with a ghost. Some forested scenes were Nature Trail reminiscent – except for a lack of really scary Giant Hogweeds!

Wednesday 23rd September 2015.

Cool and dull this morning but (13065) was up at the level-crossing ready for a run. (Pic was taken earlier this month) A few kids, heading for the nearby school, ran across the lines before the railwayman could close them, to allow the engine to cross the street. They didn’t even look at the engine. It was as nothing. At one time ‘school’ would have taught those kids how to build such a machine. Today? No interest?
There’s still msm whingeing about old folk living in their ‘big’ homes and not downsizing. They blame the sheer cost of moving for preventing it. Last week another blogger mentioned Prince Charles, in this context, and the silly subject faded for a few days!
Reading books by Kathy Reich at the moment. Quite good. Interesting. The tv series Bones was based on them. Books are better.
Unicyclist travels (to work!?!) by ancient, ordinary road bike recently restored a bit. It’s not a hundred ton steam train engine, but the principles are exactly the same.

Tuesday 22nd September 2015.

Damp this morning with rain threatened but all okay for getting out for an hour. Turned off the main road at Warth (the smooth bit) and went across via Lattice (Monkey) Bridge to the canal – see video. Then did another video from there to Withins Bridge (Video6) – will upload later. Plenty of Himalayan Balsam about!
Unicyclist is hard at it!
Castle repeats have started, from Episode One, all over again. They look really young. Although fictional you can buy ‘Castle’ books. Written by a ‘conglomerate’ of folk they are very ‘American’ detective in style and thus, for us, hard to read.
A sibling has (at last) got wired and accessed FB and the rellies. Might call here.

Monday 21st September 2015.

Raining this morning so getting out for an hour is delayed. But here’s the home-spun ‘video’ taken along Radcliffe Canal from the Wharf by the Town Hall to Withins Bridge (Whitakers Bridge?).
There’s no commentary, like that bbc canal film.
Reading Congo by Michael Crichton at the moment. Quite good even if a bit dated. Weather, in the book and outside, is definitely monsoon.