Monthly Archives: October 2015

Saturday 31st October 2015.

No rain and quite warm outside early-on for a five-miler. Autumnal trees noticed from the viaduct at Bury. It’s well covered in slippery Autumnal fallen leaves around there so take care if on two wheels. A good ride, though, tonight, when it’s dark at say twelve mid-night … heaven knows what you’d see around the olde viaducts, bridges and tow-paths … covens (?) of dark-clad beings with weird-shaped hats, funny shoes and billowing coats … astride strangely moving transport apparatus …
Olde folk on olde bikes perhaps?
Watched CSI Miami last night. Just one of many American tv Cop-Shows.

Friday 30th October 2015.

Rain again today and so no early out and about. Pic is from a few days ago by the canal.
Watched, was it episode four? of Unforgotten last night and the bits of ancient happenings are being dragged-out (as is the show!) by the detectives. There’s no sense to it yet, with myriad possibilities, but it’s less dysfunctional than many cop-shows – at least you can follow it. But who-dun-it? Frankie C is favourite at the moment. But that’s what the writers want you to think – perhaps!

Thursday 29th October 2015.

Cold and rainy this morning and so out and about later and on foot. Autumnal leaves all over the place, especially along tow-paths, and a distant sight of four swans flying (toward Elton Reservoir?) was video’d from Whitaker Bridge but, even zoomed, isn’t very good.
A new TV cop-show last night – Cuff – I’ll give it a belated watch asap.

Wednesday 28th October 2015.

Rainy this morning and the out and about was cut short because of it. Pic is from earlier in the month – when the sun shone for a minute. The canal/barge thingy along Water Street re-filled with green plants yesterday. They defo got the canal water-colour right!
Watched part-two of new Lewis last night. (Dexter was sat behind a shop-window?) Hathaway is being ‘groomed’ as a Morse type and Lewis will fly the coop with Laura shortly leaving the younger, brainier man heading the series. Last night’s plot was the hackneyed ‘revenge for killing a rellie’ theme. (Re-incarnated with Alchemaic witchy-poo plot scenes) This features, in various guises, in many tv tec series. Not bad but soap is creeping-in with Hathaway’s dad’s story, being of a befuddled geriatric, not plot relevant but taking-over from Police detection.
Face-pulling Doctor Jekyll relegated half and hour to seven o’clock on Sunday evening … its author (Robert Louis Stevenson??) tells folk, in msm, to ‘grow-up’.

Tuesday 27th October 2015.

Dry and not too cold this morning and a pic taken of the River Irwell at Warth from the other side of the bridge. Normally, bright sun, directly facing in the mornings, makes this very tricky with a small, basic camera.
House of Commons v House of Lords eh?
Watched Doc Martin last night – usual soapy humour and illnesses by the sea-side.
There’s news, in the msm, that the next Jekyll episode is far more gory/horrific/senseless? than the last – and that one really woke-up Sunday Tea-Time’s viewing public! They’re hyping new Frankenstein series too at the moment.
Perhaps a few monster pics posted here …

Monday 26th October 2015.

Sunny and not too cold this morning early-on and a Heron was spotted on the weir at Warth. Can’t see it?
Watched the new Jekyll and Hyde tv programme last night. This is a soap and in this episode Richard E. Grant said that he was M.I.O. (secret MI5) chief and their job was to catch monsters. One of his assistants was indeed a shape-changing ‘monster’.
Then watched a recorded Doctor Who who was after a fire breathing lion-man ‘monster’.
Then a recorded Sleepy Hollow with Ichabod (and his girly FBI monster-chasing side-kick) after a devil-like ‘monster’.
Naturally each show wants the most nasty monsters (yet uses similar effects/cgi imaging) but in the main monsters are of similar badness and all pull faces for the camera.
But now, monstrously, all this can be shown at tea-time.
Meanwhile arty-farty plot-less ‘drama-soap’ From Darkness fizzled to a disastrous end with reluctant ‘tec Clare shooting suspect point-blank after nine o’clock’. This was far less ‘gory’ than tea-time monster soaps.
So a night of monsters on the box with each attempting to out-do the rest with snarls, growls and ever-bigger or horrific teeth – yes, the other (?) baddie in From Darkness kept a few rather monstrous dogs.
And, guess what? A Frankenstein show is already advertised – will it be on a re-vamped (oh dear!) three-in-the afternoon Watch With Mother?
What’s the problem with all this?
Well, in the main, the msm – the tv co’s etc.- whinge about the ‘horrors of the ‘net’ for young children.

Sunday 25th October 2015.

Cold this morning for the out and abouter and a pic or two taken from or by Withins Bridge over the canal.
Pic two – rather large Newfoundland going over Withins Bridge. Many folk up and out early. Had they too got up, realised, then put their clocks back?
Watched a film last night about space-men, space and all things Quantum – you know, where stuff is made of nothing.
This morning had toasted gluten-free which has no flour, yeast, milk etc. It’s made of nothing. Quantum Bread?
Quantum Blog?

Saturday 24th October 2015.

Rainy but not cold this morning so a shorter out and about along part of the Manchester Bolton and Bury Canal, near Radcliffe Wharf, where some trees have been pulled – it’s much lighter around there. (Stonework, behind that stump and along the tow-path side, looks original 1790’s and megalithic-ally awesome, or was it to do with the later railway bridges?)
A bit further is the ‘Water Made It Wet’ (Whitakers) bridge and from there, as it rained more heavily, over that bridge and back up Banana Walk.
(Got to be careful with the camera when it’s raining – it’s not waterproof or anything.)

Friday 23rd October 2015.

Dull and damp around Radcliffe and Bury this morning but strangely traffic was light. The big orange crane thingy (pictured yesterday) along the canal (sort of) apparently pulls-out big tree-roots and stumps so that they can build stuff. And here’s me knocking meself out with a hand spade!
Looked the other way on Wellington Street viaduct and there is a touch of Autumnal rustic colour by the Irwell at the moment – today’s pic.
In the msm bacon, burgers and red meat are again ‘outlawed’ by health spokesmen folk – ‘as bad as smoking’ one pundit suggests. Sugar too is again lambasted. At this rate it’s only a matter of time before some jobsworth fully outlaws eating!
Watched latest Forgotten episode on tv last night. A bit of soap (unnecessary personal padding for main characters that has nothing to do with main plot) is creeping-in but it’s still pretty tight, sensible and thus understandable. Main suspects are now crapping themselves as Detectives delve deeper into past closeted skeletons. All this, of course, could be a red-herring with killer appearing, or already has (?), in minor (so far) role. Good actors all round.
Some crazy contestant shows on at the moment – cheap to make? Must be.

Thursday 22nd October 2015.

Very windy but not too cold this morning and a tall thingy spotted down by the canal. Mmm … building going-on? More flats? Probably. Then, up by Area 51 at Wellington Street viaduct, some rustic Autumnal trees were spotted by the bomb er, building-site.
From there the bike-route is wet-leaf and branch-strewn lately so a bit of care is needed.
Watched new Castle last night and it was last of series. As usual original and quite good, they want Beckett for a Senator, but the ending was rushed to get up-market award ceremony scene in, with all cast sat around patting themselves on the back as, from award-winner’s podium, Castle spoke. They all got up when Beckett’s mobile told her they had a murder … (End of show as they all hurried out …) The next series has already part-shown in US. US author Micheal Connelly had cameo self-role this episode.