Monthly Archives: November 2015

Sunday 29th November 2015.

Very strong winds this morning and plenty of water going over Warth weir. Windy at Elton inlet with biking almost impossible if riding toward Bolton. A good ‘wild’ out and about!
Watched Ant Man – he’s out of Friends. Reasonable. For a laugh Mega Piranha on horror or sifi – effects are diabolically fishy!

Saturday 28th November 2015.

Dull but reasonably dry again for an early out and about. Some steam spotted up at Bury South that was from spam-can City of Wells.
Colder this morning and ’19 inches of snow’ forecast by one Daily msm rag. It sounds ominous but the snow would fall on Scottish Highland mountains – they get snow like that in summer around there!
Watched episode three of Frankenstein Chronicles and Mary Shelley was ‘questioned’ by River Policeman Sean Bean. He’s not got the case sewn-up just yet and it’s getting more and more soapy. No ‘monster’ yet but they keep mentioning one – what’s Frankenstein without a ‘Lurch’? – nothing. Canal Trips Tim West’s son, Sam, is in it too. Good actors and scenes.

Friday 27th November 2015.

Dull but dry this morning for out and abouting and swans are still along canal. Later a walk to Bury via new Lidl which is okay. Bus-Passed back.
Apparently the new idea of disc-less road-tax for cars means folk aren’t buying. Which will (probably!) save the country £ in wages/office costs etc. No tax fully pays for its collection. (Ergo deficits etc.) Massive tax-hikes too. Should help (inflationary) with OAPension rises next year.
US Elementary last night. In Sleepy Hollow Ichabod killed a baddie and he’s turned-up as Sherlock Holmes dad in Elementary. It was already seriously confusing, now it’s mostly soap. Scorpion is a kiddie programme with a bit of attitude – it too getting soapy. Metal Man from Terminator is good in it though.

Wednesday 25th November 2015.

No rain this morning and a warm out and about around Radcliffe/Bury. An old diesel (or two) at Bury South, chugging about.
A ‘new’ pair at the wharf? Looks like it. I felt like Chris Pratt. (Think about it.)
Watched a couple of recorded Grimm last night. This is really Eastenders with monster heads – nothing improves, nothing gets worse – it’s just never-ending earth-shattering trivia. Around here they could call it Grime and film it in a factory.

Monday 23rd November 2015.

White frost so two wheels put off for an hour or two.
Weekday local carvery, opened a few weeks ago, is okay @ £5.99 a throw (shove all you want on plate). Went yesterday, Sunday, and, it being the trend to go for ‘Sunday Lunch’, a plate is £8.99. (Christmas Day plate over £40.00p) It was packed though (food is excellent) so good luck to ’em as, last week, it was reported that four pubs per day are closing due to low sales/revenues.
Doctor Who its usual unfathomable self as Jenna exits violently. The show doesn’t quite hit the mark lately despite props/CGI/location etc. costs. He really needs … erm, not for me to diagnose for free, sorry!
(Jenna’s death may be ‘lessened’ next week – it’s a bit harsh for Dr. Who.)
Ronan Keating is filming something that requires him to ride an old (proper!) bike, (around ‘old’ rustic locations?) as they do in umpteen tv shows of late. Sadly he’s shown wearing a Trilby instead of a Flat Cap, but, hey ho, close enough!
For him artistic fun. Here financial necessity!

Sunday 22nd November 2015.

Drizzle stopped so sunny out and about of five or six miles. Not too cold either and, atop Wellington Street viaduct, Peel Tower, on Heracles Hill at Holcombe, is visible. (Just visible in pic) By that mill Area 51 work progresses. It will look better when building work is complete. Not far away the new Lidl has tidied-up the old gas-works site totally. They’ve just buggered-up the road lanes to the access road.
No ice this morning but rotting leaves are slippery – take care on two wheels.

Saturday 21st November 2015.

Cold, dry weather this morning over Radcliffe with (at last!) some sun! Distant hills are white and it is wintry. So it should be. There was patchy ice about locally so out and abouting on two wheels postponed until later – it is dodgy. Windy too, but at least it’s clear rather than drizzly misty.
O A Pension rise, next April, will be over £3 but under £4 per week (Mail today). O A Pension is paid fortnightly usually, to give the impression it’s roughly similar to minimal-wage. It’s actually less than half – frugal returns for expensive life-long investments taken by force.
Watched Jurassic World birthday-present DVD last night and it is entertaining. Being DVD pic quality good too. A ‘Monster Movie’ yes, but still keeping Jurassic Park reminders along the way. These days though digi dinosauria is common and good quality so competition is strong. Will they do another? Dunno. Making dinosaurs freshly new (again!) will be difficult.