Saturday 21st November 2015.

Cold, dry weather this morning over Radcliffe with (at last!) some sun! Distant hills are white and it is wintry. So it should be. There was patchy ice about locally so out and abouting on two wheels postponed until later – it is dodgy. Windy too, but at least it’s clear rather than drizzly misty.
O A Pension rise, next April, will be over £3 but under £4 per week (Mail today). O A Pension is paid fortnightly usually, to give the impression it’s roughly similar to minimal-wage. It’s actually less than half – frugal returns for expensive life-long investments taken by force.
Watched Jurassic World birthday-present DVD last night and it is entertaining. Being DVD pic quality good too. A ‘Monster Movie’ yes, but still keeping Jurassic Park reminders along the way. These days though digi dinosauria is common and good quality so competition is strong. Will they do another? Dunno. Making dinosaurs freshly new (again!) will be difficult.

2 thoughts on “Saturday 21st November 2015.

  1. dot

    Get mine every week much better than what I got when working. Keep thinking its a mistake and the monsters will take it bac?


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