Monday 23rd November 2015.

White frost so two wheels put off for an hour or two.
Weekday local carvery, opened a few weeks ago, is okay @ £5.99 a throw (shove all you want on plate). Went yesterday, Sunday, and, it being the trend to go for ‘Sunday Lunch’, a plate is £8.99. (Christmas Day plate over £40.00p) It was packed though (food is excellent) so good luck to ’em as, last week, it was reported that four pubs per day are closing due to low sales/revenues.
Doctor Who its usual unfathomable self as Jenna exits violently. The show doesn’t quite hit the mark lately despite props/CGI/location etc. costs. He really needs … erm, not for me to diagnose for free, sorry!
(Jenna’s death may be ‘lessened’ next week – it’s a bit harsh for Dr. Who.)
Ronan Keating is filming something that requires him to ride an old (proper!) bike, (around ‘old’ rustic locations?) as they do in umpteen tv shows of late. Sadly he’s shown wearing a Trilby instead of a Flat Cap, but, hey ho, close enough!
For him artistic fun. Here financial necessity!

4 thoughts on “Monday 23rd November 2015.

  1. dot

    Still can’t find bike ride on youtube are you sure its Denton. Are you going for Christmas ? lunch. Very crisp here a.m better than the rain.?

  2. dot

    Seen it. And some of the Denton one I tried to save the bike ? ride and I’ve got the whole of your condorosa don’t know how I did it should I delet it.

  3. Condor Post author

    Yes. If you click on the Youtube logo on the bottom of movie it’ll take you direct to Youtube. When there click the download (red) button.


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