Friday 27th November 2015.

Dull but dry this morning for out and abouting and swans are still along canal. Later a walk to Bury via new Lidl which is okay. Bus-Passed back.
Apparently the new idea of disc-less road-tax for cars means folk aren’t buying. Which will (probably!) save the country £ in wages/office costs etc. No tax fully pays for its collection. (Ergo deficits etc.) Massive tax-hikes too. Should help (inflationary) with OAPension rises next year.
US Elementary last night. In Sleepy Hollow Ichabod killed a baddie and he’s turned-up as Sherlock Holmes dad in Elementary. It was already seriously confusing, now it’s mostly soap. Scorpion is a kiddie programme with a bit of attitude – it too getting soapy. Metal Man from Terminator is good in it though.

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