Monthly Archives: November 2015

Friday 20th November 2015.

Rain stopped play this morning so a pic from when the sun shone earlier in the year. They say snow over weekend too. Just drizzly rain and strong winds at the moment – normal weather here. There’s a massive pot-hole near here – just missed it with front wheel earlier. Lately, On-Road bikes need be more robust than Off-Road – at least mud is soft!
Watched episode two of Frankenstein Chronicles and can’t make head nor leg of it yet. Mind you, there are six episodes so the first five may be (are) bolt-ons of unrelated carbolic. Lead actor and camera-man have really got things sewn-up. Mary Shelley, and her book, are in it(?) but so far it’s a bit of a stitch-up.
(Really heavy rain now … erm, really heavy! Warth Bridge?)
Notified of this season’s OAP Heating Allowance – an Investment Return, not a benefit!

Thursday 19th November 2015.

Non-stop rain again but the wind’s dropped. Pic today is one of many that I deleted years ago, I thought, from FB pages. They keep shoving them up asking me to ‘share’ them again. For free. Yet getting such requires long expeditions into Radcliffe (and Bury) wilds (without motor transport) fraught with inclement weather, dangerous animals and plants and flying carnivores i.e., Close Park.
Mrs C moans she’s not been out all week due to weather. May attempt Bury with Wellies.

Wednesday 18th November 2015.

Wind and rain so a quick out and about earlier on. Pic from earlier in year on that sunny day at Coney. Wintry photo’s always seem to be black and white. (See yesterday’s arty-farty ‘plates’)
There is a storm (?) around somewhere, weather-folk say, but present weather is about right for (any!) time of year here. Apparently too the erm, (dare I say it) GLOBAL temperature is up by 1 degree this year. Yeah, right! Someone hasn’t stood on Elton Res. embankment in umpteen-force winds lately! (If you do watch for cormorants and/or gulls – they’ll eat anything!)
As weather ‘worsens’ winter’s Nature Trail, Radcliffe to Manchester, beckons for picture-taking – even a movie or two around defunct Prestwich via and aqua ducts. Header photo’, at top of page, taken from top of uphill zig-zag path leading to Nature (Sculpture) Trail – in summer. (oopart preview)
Watched an old Lewis last night. Some nice river scenes with gondola’s (?) parked by a wharf. Not, I noticed, a Hogweed in sight! Mind you it is only fiction. They nearly always shove some literary ‘puzzle’ in Lewis shows to let him emulate academe Morse. This time, as is usual, Hathaway was on hand to translate a Latin phrase, Lewis hadn’t a clue. But great actors in these shows and of course Oxford historia.

Tuesday 17th November 2015.

Dull and cloudy around Radcliffe this morning with drizzle in the air. Gale-force winds in some places though. Saw arty-farty photo’s on TV weather programmes; the camera looking up into trees. So I tried it – some puzzled dog-walkers along bike-routes today!
Huge traffic tail-backs along Bolton Road toward Bury today too – at least to Three Arrows lights, probably further. Autumn leaves, deep and all over the place, take care on two wheels.

Monday 16th November 2015.

Some sun, wind and heavy traffic around Radcliffe (and Bury) this morning but not too cold while out and about. River levels at Warth far more normal – islands visible. Pic is of old stone factory chimney at Lower Hinds (?) I think. The factory is still used, the chimney normally hidden by tree foliage.
Ex farm-fields off Bolton Road already marked-out for building (?). Yet the old East Lancs. Mill site is still vacant and wild – the ‘new (secondary) school’ idea was probably just that.
Watched first episode of The Frankenstein Chronicles last night. So far it’s The Bill with sewn-up children! Early-days yet though and Sean Bean’s copper is shaping-up. There’s already talk of a monster … and (I think) Mary Shelley is in it!

Sunday 15th November 2015.

Rainy and windy this morning and, at Warth Weir, the islands are under water so it’s about two feet or more higher than yesterday after day-long rain.
Archy Screw was still. Rubbish blocking it? Water on Warth Bridge for most of its length. It was warm, strangely enough, even the rabbit was out munching at Daisyfield.
Watched a new Last of the Panthers thingy on tv. Much of it had sub-titles making it documentary-like. Some will say it’s good. Hardly entertaining though. Just dark men with guns.
What started-out as a seemingly dull, almost totally scholarly, is the book Egyptian Dawn by Robert Temple, but, after a chapter or two the fact that this author/researcher actually addresses and answers several ancient Egyptian enigma’s/anomalies in a sensible, rather than ritual/religious way, is, in itself, worth the (rather technical) read. Written in 2006 (I think) it goes well with the Great Pyramid building method as suggested by that French architect, which, imo, gives the correct reason for the ‘Grand gallery’ in that building. (videos at Youtube.) Some (maybe all!) accepted Egyptian dates could be years out!
A point that Mr. Temple (mmm – apt) ponders I see regularly around much later purely functional building remains.

Saturday 14th November 2015.

On the damp side this morning with plenty of water flowing The Irwell near Warth Bridge. There was plenty of water on the bridge too! How hard can it be to drill a few holes … ??
Cold this morning too but a Thinsulate hat/gloves investment at ASDA well worth it.
Watched deep south drawling NCIS New Orleans last night. End of story. Mind you the opening music is okay … John Lee Hooker is it?
Been listening to a ‘new’ CD of Elvis songs with orchestral accompaniment. By definition a masterpiece is something made that isn’t improved by adding or taking-away something. Well, they added. There is an Elvis track on Youtube that they’ve taken off the backing leaving just his voice. It’s still brilliant. Q.E.D.
Jurassic World, ‘monster-movie’ yes, but very well done. The young lady, watching the two lads, who was eaten by a Pteranodon and the Mosasaur, was Morgana from TV Merlin. Bryce Dallas Howard is Happy Days Ron Howard’s daughter. They could have let Chris Pratt do a Steve McQueen and jump a fence on that motorbike – mind you, fences are a bit higher at Jurassic World!

Friday 13th November 2015.

Rain and then hail this morning so it’s best putting-off a Friday 13th out and about for a bit!
Watched the final Unforgotten which has been reasonably sensible for a tv who-dun-it. Much of it though was padding. Good, realistic, actors but Morse would have sussed it in one show! And, maybe, not relied-on the iffy statement of a possible killer, blaming his wife, at the end.
Cold and wet in Radcliffe later.

Thursday 12th November 2015.

Cooler this morning with some wind but okay out and about. A minor (?) celebration today deems being allowed out in public for carvery presence later – not far from the dear cut-outs pictured – cards have been received.
(There’s a stream thingy near those deer that’s been trickling since Roman-times they say. You’d have thought Bury council would have filled it in by now … but no.)
Road-up along Spring Lane. Not major yet but you never know.
Watched some of that Beatles prog. last night. Yawn. It was okay but some of us saw it all as it happened – live!
‘New’ local carvery. (Three Arrows/Ainsworth Arms) Food good, service very good, reasonable prices. No problems at all.
But: Was asked, by superb, hard-working, friendly, young waitress, to fill-in online survey for National Company owners of umpteen such pubs. At the very end of quite a few food/drinks/service/staff-related questions, our name, phone-number, e-mail address were required. Sorry. We don’t do such surveys for free. It’s just a business thing.
Waitresses are for waitressing – not spamming.
Anthem, Thanks! Sorry about being out! It can take a while but you do get used to snail-paced public transport. Very cost-effective too. Stick with it for a bit.

Wednesday 11th November 2015.

Warm but windy this morning so a good out and abouter. Plenty of water flowing along Irwell banks after recent rains, but nowhere near flood levels. From its bottom Wellington Street viaduct looks megalithic – massive stones.
Area 51 is to the right (lower pic) – behind the Hogweed patch.
Some tasty msm reports of public-sector toppers on mega-salaries and pensions. While this prevails bleatings from services about ‘funding’ problems are spurious.
Watched the final Lewis last night and it was reasonable but predictable – why ponder knots if they aren’t relevant? Good actors. Cases for a studious Oxford Hathaway next?
A little work beckons …